Digital Solutions
for Industrial Manufacturing

Softeq helps customers design, deploy, and manage Industry 4.0 solutions, which support factory floor automation and back-office operations, keep equipment up and running, and increase supply chain visibility.

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Why Go Digital?

In order to maintain growth, increase profit margins, and cut down on energy use, manufacturing companies give their IT infrastructures and business processes a complete digital overhaul. The factors prompting manufacturing executives to go digital include:

2.4m manufacturing jobs could go unfilled by 2028 in the USA alone (source: Deloitte)
60% of manufacturing tasks can potentially be automated (source: McKinsey)
$100k is the estimated cost of a single hour of downtime within the manufacturing sector (source: ITIC)
33% of the energy produced in the USA annually is consumed by industrial manufacturers (source: US EIA)

Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Case studies
ZAPS Technologies, LCC
Software and Technology, Industrial Manufacturing
Lantech LLC
Industrial Manufacturing

Why Softeq?

Domain Knowledge

We are aware of the challenges the manufacturing industry is facing: resource constraints, rising production costs, the pressure to go green, heavy competition, and evolving customer expectations.

Holistic Approach

We look past spot solutions promising immediate improvements. Instead, we develop digital manufacturing use cases and design technology systems that are specific to your industry and business model.

Strong Digital Skills

Softeq is well-grounded in connectivity, data collection, hardware design, smart analytics, and data visualization. This gives us an opportunity to create digital solutions that augment your current IT infrastructure, scale well, and keep your data safe.

How Can We Help?

Turning Analog to Digital

As part of our Industrial IoT services, we help manufacturing companies add connectivity, data processing, and remote control capabilities to analog equipment.

Protecting Your Data

The Softeq cybersecurity consulting team will review the software and hardware components of your IT infrastructure and implement custom security solutions to prevent cyberattacks from targeting your servers, power lines, and equipment.