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Whether you’re an OEM or industrial company, choose Softeq to help improve efficiency on your factory floor and take your business to the next level with the help of IoT. With Softeq and IIoT solutions, you can add smart capabilities to analog equipment, automate manufacturing processes, and increase production levels. Our IIoT company is here to help you through complex business change, build a working business strategy, and aid organizational transformation.

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IIoT Solutions in Focus

Industrial IoT Services for Your Business

  • Industrial IoT Consulting

    Our industrial internet of things consulting team can help you solve complex business problems using IoT technology. We can digitalize your assets, create resilient operating models, automate processes, and build IIoT products from scratch.

  • Converting Analog to Digital

    Softeq helps customers capture and analyze data on equipment performance, prevent downtime, and reduce maintenance costs. Enhance your analog equipment with sensors, tags, and programmable controllers.

  • Industrial IoT App Development

    Make sense of the data produced by your industrial technology with mobile apps and BI dashboards that ingest information from a smart back end.

    We feed the data generated by your enterprise apps into industrial IoT solutions using custom firmware and middleware. This allows IIoT systems to gain a holistic view of your IT infrastructure and operational processes.

  • Hardware Design

    Automate your industrial workflows using the components of IIoT solutions. Our team prototypes and builds collaborative robots, robotic arms, and inspection drones. To ensure the IIoT parts function as a whole, we implement low-level software and run tests.

  • Data Warehousing and Analytics

    We set up secure on-premise and cloud storage solutions to collect your industrial data and train custom machine learning models to detect patterns in it. Depending on your use case, Softeq can design edge or fog cloud architectures, programming machines to send data to the cloud at larger intervals or process it locally.

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