Industrial IoT Services

Whether you’re an OEM or industrial company, choose Softeq to help improve efficiency on your factory floor and take your business to the next level with the help of IoT. With Softeq and IIoT solutions, you can add smart capabilities to analog equipment, automate manufacturing processes, and increase production levels. Our IIoT company is here to help you through complex business change, build a working business strategy, and aid organizational transformation.

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The IIoT Solutions You Will Get

Industrial IoT Services for Your Business

  • Industrial IoT Consulting

    Industrial internet of things consulting helps you transform your business. With IIoT, you can make assets smart, automate processes, and get resilient operating models for your company.

  • Digital Transformation

    To make analog equipment more efficient, you need to make it smarter. Add sensors, tags, and controllers and see data on equipment performance. This helps you prevent downtime and save on maintenance costs.

  • Hardware Prototyping and Design

    Cobots, robotic arms, and inspection drones are what you need to automate industrial workflows, and we’ve proven skills to prototype and build them. To ensure they perform with stability, we engineer low-level software and run tests.

  • Embedded Software

    Automation is nothing if it doesn’t work smoothly. This is why you need custom low-level software, user-friendly HMIs, and tests. They help ensure the sleek integration of an IIoT solution into your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Data Warehousing and Analytics

    Custom data management can fulfill all your needs. It can be a secure on-premise or flexible cloud solution. For example, edge cloud systems process data locally, while fog systems send only relevant data to the cloud.

  • Applications for IIoT Devices

    If you want to have your asset data all in one place, consider a mobile application and/or BI dashboard. Such systems allow you to remotely manage your IIoT solutions.

Featured IIoT Projects

Automating Inventory Control with a Smart Tracking Solution

Christie Lites used customized RFID tags to simplify their warehouse management.

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Helping a Startup Build a Predictive Maintenance Solution to Cut Service Costs

Krammer tested the feasibility of their idea for a data analytics platform. The solution uses sensors and cloud services to turn molding machines into intelligent devices.

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Transforming Equipment Operations with an Advanced Human-to-Machine Solution

Lantech leveled up their equipment with a custom HMI solution. It automates the wrapping process and the packaging machines’ diagnostics.

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