PCB Design Simulations

Softeqโ€™s hardware design engineers will take your PCB through a set of comprehensive tests to overcome signal loss, noise susceptibility, power dissipation, overheating, impedance issues, and other malfunctions. After our in-depth analysis we can ensure fault-free PCB performance, which will allow you to pair your hardware with the right enclosure.

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What We Do

  • Signal Integrity Analysis (SI)

    We check the signal behavior and the increasing rise/fall time of logic to eliminate PCB design iterations, ensure product integrity, and fault-free circuit design.

  • Power Integrity Analysis AC/DC (PI)

    We obtain impedance profiles of the power system network, noise analysis at various frequencies and resonant behavior. This ensures power decoupling and distribution sustainability, and reduces noise propagation through the system.

  • Thermal analysis

    We optimize airflow and temperature distribution, component placement, and the size and number of heatsinks and fans to prevent potential complications and costly redesign.

What You Get

SI Analysis Report

A detailed report with simulation results and design progress with suggestions on how to modify the layout so that it provides better signal integrity.


Thermal Analysis Report

A report reflecting airflow and temperature distribution, the placement of components, the size and number of heatsinks and fans, as well as environmental parameters.


PI Analysis Report

A report providing insight into design progress and simulation results. If we come across any inconsistencies in how the electronic components interact with each other, we will suggest how to fix the layout to achieve better power integrity.

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Signal and Power Integrity, Thermal Analysis Services

We provide signal integrity simulation, power integrity simulation, and PCB thermal analysis to help you circumvent costly hardware design re-spins and enable faster product roll-out.


Complementing Softeqโ€™s hardware verification and embedded testing services, these measures assure your electrical engineering tasks are done right the first time.