Hardware Design Services

Our hardware design engineers have all the skills to cover your hardware needs. If you want to go incrementally, we can design electronic hardware, an enclosure, PCB, or offer FPGA design services. If you need to put together a full-scale electronic device, we will take you from conceptualization to trial manufacturing to mass production.

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Digital, analog and mix electronics systems from the ground up.

To set the project up for success, we start with the basics – electronic system and circuit design. This lays the groundwork for the next critical implementation stages: PCB design and simulation, board sample production, trial production and mass-production.

Electronic system design

  • System requirements gathering and architecture design
  • Functional system design
  • Process design
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Electronic design

  • System-on-chip (SoC), System-on-module (SoM), and single-board-computer (SBC) development
  • SoC, SoM, and SBC-based electronics development
  • FPGA-based electronics
  • DSP-based electronics
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Full cycle PCB design services to help revamp an existing product or develop an electronic system from scratch.

PCB design is an essential stage in the hardware design process. Our team of PCB design and layout engineers deliver reliable and cost-effective custom PCB and IPC-qualified embedded hardware solutions.

  • Stack-up/ build-up development
  • Transmission line configuration and arrangement
  • Multi-layer PCB design
  • High-speed PCB layout
  • Radio-frequency (RF) PCB design
  • High-density interconnect (HDI)
  • Flex and rigid-flex PCB design

Multiple design verification approaches for accurate simulations.

At Softeq, we apply a comprehensive suite of PCB analysis and verification techniques starting in the design stage. This increases product performance, eliminates layout iterations, and gets your solution to market faster.

  • Signal integrity analysis (SI)
  • Power integrity analysis AC/DC (PI)
  • Thermal analysis (PCB)
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM), design for assembly (DFA)

The best technology choice for high-speed throughput and complex data processing.

As part of our FPGA design services, we offer programmable architecture, microprocessors, and filters, as well as phase locked loops integrated into a high density single chip.

  • Video format conversion
  • Video interface interconversion
  • Advanced video quality improvement
  • Audio and video processing
  • DSP coprocessors
  • Internet and networking
  • Custom FPGA IP cores
  • RTL coding
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Give your product an exceptional professional finish.

We will create a 3D design and 3D model of the required enclosure, verify that the sample meets all the ergonomics, assemblability, durability, flexibility, shock and water resistance requirements, and coordinate the mass production.

  • Sketching
  • Model detailing
  • Inner structure design
  • Enclosure sample production
  • Mass production support

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Industries in Focus

Softeq delivers personalized hardware engineering services to a wide number of domains:

Our Dev Approach

Requirements Gathering

Assessing expectations of the product, its use cases, manufacturing and logistics options.

Functional Design

Defining key functional features: technology, methods, vendors, ballpark design and production cost.

Component Library Development

Eliminating the time-consuming process of manually entering parts with symbols, footprints and their pin mapping.

Schematic Design

Elaborating circuit design with actual electronic connections based on functional diagram and selecting relevant electronic components based on required functions.

PCB Design

  • Components placement and PCB layout.
  • Verifying PCB’s signal, and power integrity, thermal conditions as well as electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility through various types of modeling.
  • DFM/DFA checking.

Board and Samples Production, Tests and Bring-up

  • Assisting customers in selecting a manufacturer.
  • Supervising the production process with the manufacturer selected by a client.
  • Identifying bugs and elaborating solutions for bug-fixing

Enclosure Modeling

Ensuring full compatibility of the casing and PCB.

Pilot Batch Trial Production

We can supervise the mass production preparation process which includes: optimization of the BOM, components’ logistics, and mass production process.

Mass Production

Once the board layout is optimized and verified for correct operation, Softeq can provide support in supervising the production process with the manufacturer of your choice.

Why Softeq?

Transparent and Supervised Processes

We make sure the implementation process is transparent so you have a complete view of the development team’s progress. Our managers value on-time product delivery and process efficiency.


Development from Scratch

Every project starts with an R&D and PoC implementation to mitigate unforeseen bottlenecks and confirm our initial project estimations.


Smooth Integration

We select and apply only relevant technologies which are compatible with the client’s current tech stack. This practice is the most cost-efficient to integrate and maintain as the newly built solution smoothly integrates with the existing system landscape.


Expert Engineers

We are a strong team with years of hands-on experience in hardware development, ensuring only highly skilled engineers will work on your projects.


Comprehensive Approach

We pay close attention to every detail of hardware products, making sure all system components are seamlessly interconnected and the system architecture is coherently optimized.

How Can We Help?

Full Cycle of Hardware Design

Softeq has deep expertise in hardware design and creation of complex hi-end solutions and gadgets, bringing them from concept and requirements through to field trials and production. Our advanced hardware is the result of a collaborative effort between our hardware design firm’s engineers and our software and firmware specialists. Together they develop and integrate hardware, software and firmware components, optimizing their performance and reliability.

ur hardware board design engineers deliver all necessary documentation to support our hardware design and development processes at each phase: functional diagrams, component libraries, a Bill of Materials (BOM), CAD and Gerbers, as well as specs for enclosure designs.