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Full Cycle of Hardware Design in line with CE/UL/FCC Norms

Softeq’s hardware designers seamlessly tie together the key deliverables for creating a fully-integrated and reliable product — from hardware architecture design, through schematic, PCB design and board bring-up through to mass production support. For every hardware design stage we employ relevant QA procedures, including FCC/CE compliance testing. Our team delivers professional and definite document packages to support the hardware design and development process at each phase: functional diagrams, component library, Bill of Materials (BOM), CAD and gerbers, spec for enclosure design, and others.

Hardware Prototyping

Verifying your product idea is feasible before you bring a new electronic product to the market is essential. Softeq’s tightly built squad of PCB designers, schematic engineers, system architects, embedded programmers, QA engineers, and 3D enclosure modelers employ a holistic approach to electronics creation. Drawing on our full-stack development capabilities in hardware design, we’re set to take your whiteboard vision from concept to a full-scale hardware prototype.

Electronic Circuit Design

Our two-decade long low-level expertise provides an excellent foothold for meeting most complex schematic and PCB design challenges — from simple electronic boards to high-end assemblies with custom set of properties. Softeq’s industry-certified team of PCB engineers and designers will check every relevant component and supplier option to obtain a well-elaborated BOM. It will ensure the board is built with reduced number of iterations, demonstrates improved electrical and thermal performance, and yields an optimized manufacturing process.

Enclosure Design

Running alongside the PCB design and fabrication process, the enclosure design done at Softeq makes a truly rewarding experience. Our in-house 3D modelers have the skills, the tools, and the knowledge to create a casing for your future product, which is both ergonomic and functional. Crafted in line with the critical future product requirements, the casing is the fruit of a common effort starting from sketching and a 3D computer model through to an enclosure prototype to a production-ready sample.

Explore Our Hardware Development Process

At Softeq, we employ a well-defined iterative hardware design process we’ve carefully built over years of dedicated engagement in electronics development for a wide range of commercial initiatives organized by our clients. From sketching and high-level product conceptualization to comprehensive documentation through to hardware prototype development and supervised mass production, we’re ready to walk you through each phase of the electronic product design. Click the slider below to learn more about each stage of the process:

RoHS/CE/UL/FCC Compliant Hardware Design

Our hardware design engineers observe the requirements for RoHS/CE/UL/FCC to design hardware that would be easily certified and admitted for production. We do the full cycle of hardware design activities, but we cannot issue a certificate for you. Our job is to design your product following the norms and standards of international standards to quality, safety, health so that it passes the tests and certification from the word go:

  • Softeq’s hardware designs are follow CE/UL/FCC standards.
  • Board assembly complies to RoHS/CE/UL/FCC requirements.
  • We use RoHS-compliant components.
  • When you apply for CE/UL/FCC certification, we will support you with tech info and documentation, including testing checklist, and test plan coordination.

FPGA Design Services

Whenever you need a hand in high-speed throughput and complex data processing, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) is the best technology choice to provide these qualities. Our FPGA development and CPLD programming capabilities are also strengthened with our solid electrical engineering and firmware development skills. Our practical experience covers working with such FPGA and CPLD brands as Xilinx, Altera, Lattice, Microsemi. Drawing on our expertise in FPGA consulting and implementation, we’ll help select suitable manufacturer, specify the particular field-programmable logic devices’ family with close regards to I/O pins availability, transceiver types and speed, PLLs/DLLs performance, functional density (Logic Cells, DSP Slices, RAM), temperature range, power input, and other tech specifications. With a tailored roadmap coupled with a solid approach to obsolescence management, Softeq FPGA developers will implement the solution helping you considerably reduce the overall development cost, as well as balance project timescale and risks.

  • Functional and gate-level design validation
  • Design-for-test services
  • Internet and networking: network switches, network multiplexers (MUX)
  • Custom FPGA IP cores
  • DSP coprocessors
  • Audio and video processing
  • Video format conversion
  • Video interfaces interconversion: MIPI, HDMI, eDP, mLVDS
  • Advanced video quality improvement: compression, filtering, correction
  • RTL coding: VHDL, Verilog, AHDL
  • Interfaces: PCI, PCIe, DDR, LVDS, SATA, Ethernet, and more
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR): CAP, QAM, QPSK, OFDM modulator/demodulator

In-depth QA for Impeccable Operation and Lower Costs

Helping you minimize the production costs is our No. 1 priority. So by the time you approach the Sample Manufacturing phase, we make sure we’ve ironed out all the possible functional kinks by thoroughly testing each deliverable for workability using an in-depth QA process. From schematic design and 3D models of enclosure to a real-life sample and finally to the full cycle of hardware solution development, Softeq's professional team will help you launch a top quality, well-tested product with faster time-to-market and lower TCO. To discuss a circuit board design task, an ergonomic and appealing, yet durable device enclosure development, and our embedded and hardware quality assurance know-hows, contact us now!

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