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Hardware and Software QA Engineers with Strong Domain Focus

Our independent QA team of professionals boasts over 5 years of in-the-trenches experience on average. With such a pro crew on board, you can rest assured your mission-critical solutions — be it mobile applications, desktop and web software or firmware and embedded systems — are in good hands. Operating as an independent division, our QA team brings in an unbiased approach, a wealth of concentrated knowledge and aggregate experience, as well as greater process transparency.

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps and Enterprise-grade Systems
  • System Apps, Utilities, Middleware
  • Firmware
  • Hardware
  • End-to-end IoT Solutions
  • Wearables
  • Desktop Apps

Softeq's Quality Management Approach

We utilize a combination of proven testing methodologies, best practices, and evolving industry standards that help streamline the quality management processes across Softeq’s production departments.

  • Performance Management

    Comprehensive Performance Management

    Our proprietary performance measurement system allows tracking the team’s performance dynamically based on a number of quality metrics. The quantitative management provides insight into multiple QA aspects including defect life cycle, percentage of different defects by type, defect density by importance and type, defect validation performance, etc.

  • Change Management

    Change Management

    We understand the customer’s need for making some on-the-fly tweaks to the product requirements during the project implementation and readily accommodate such requests. The main driver for such an approach is our proven change requests management process, which covers description, estimation, prioritizing, planning, and unified artifacts storage. Should you hatch a new idea and want to implement some improvements to your solution, we’ll describe the requirements and assess their impact on the project deadline and budget.

  • Quality Assessment

    Deliverables Quality Assessment

    To ensure comprehensive yet cost-effective QA of the project deliverables, we rely on the Constructive Quality Model, which comprises methodologies and guidelines focusing on cost/quality balance of the produced artifacts based on the Product Metrics.

  • Reusability and Coherence of Documentation

    Reusability and Coherence of Documentation

    To ensure complete test coverage and enable easy visualization of test results, Softeq creates a comprehensive set of project documents and multi-level reports that contain the most complete and well-structured information about the tested solution/code, QA, testing, and software development activities, requirements, changes, progress, etc.

    One-Stop Shop Quality Assurance

    As a service provider with a two-decade long custom software and embedded system engineering background, Softeq knows the process of making apps and systems inside out. Likewise, thanks to tight communication with the development group, our QA team has accumulated its own set of relevant procedures and toolsets to verify the multifold quality aspects of the target solution:

    Firmware Testing

    • Integration Testing
    • Emulator Development
    • Test Case Elaboration
    • Black Box Testing

    Software Testing

    • Functional Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Blockchain Testing

    Assessing Performance and Security Strengths

    Software Performance Testing

    We appreciate how crucial it is for the resulting system to be able to withstand the anticipated load. To ensure the system is fault resistant and responsive under heavy bursts of traffic, we can emulate a real-life load on the server part from target locations all over the world. The latest advanced tools and platforms, including Amazon Web Services, provide a strong foothold for securing excellent results.

    Media resources, multimedia portals, social networking solutions, trading systems, marketplaces, medical systems, online video games, among others, obviously must be tested for responsiveness, stability, and scalability.

    Software Security Testing

    To insure your sensitive data transmitted through or stored on web-enabled systems remains protected against the most drastic threats, we check the solution for possible flaws in the integrated security mechanisms. Here to help are also OWASP guidelines, which provide a sound heads-up on possible system vulnerabilities along with remedies for dealing with them.

    Mobile apps with web back-ends, messengers, financial and accounting systems, e-Commerce solutions integrated with payment gateways, IoT systems are among the top priority solutions that must demonstrate utmost reliability and invincibility to unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

    Extended QA Support

    We’ll are ready to extend our QA support beyond the release milestone. Handling defects reported by the users, processing user feedback and addressing possible complaints, working with issues spotted by the client, ensuring the solution functions as required after the roll-out of the updates — these are just a few cases demonstrating our capabilities in providing post-release support services.

    Support Options
    Post-Release Warranty Covers the solution developed by Softeq’s team from scratch: from planning, analysis, architecture design, and implementation to testing We’ll fix any bugs identified within a specified time period for free
    Monthly Subscription Based Support

    You’re eligible to receive a fixed allowance of support time per month.

    We’ll assign a dedicated support engineer to your account

    Each month we'll bill you for the fixed support hours

    If you need more hours than your support package allows, request extra assistance for an hourly fee

    Yearly Subscription Based Support Ensures your solution against functional failures caused by changes in underlying software: operating system upgrade, browser update, etc.

    If the operating system or browser has been upgraded, we’ll update the app

    This package is available for a yearly fee

    Ad Hoc Support You’ll receive on-demand support when you need, for as long as you need it

    Pay only for the job you’ve asked for

    We’ll bill you for the scope of work completed based on an hourly fee

    This support plan doesn’t allow assigning a dedicated support engineer to your account

    Code Review

    Сode review ensures clean, well-functioning, and scalable solution, which has:

    • Easy to understand code
    • Well thought out names for variables
    • Clear algorithm logic
    • No functional defects
    • Extensible and modular structure

    If you work with several service providers, a clear, understandable code will ensure smooth collaboration on the solution

    If you’re making knowledge transfer to a new team member or to the customer’s team, a clear code will help onboarding

    We’ll bill you for the service based on your project hourly fee

    QA and Testing Tools

    Below are some of our favorite go-to tools, which support us in our bug tracking and quality verification initiatives:

    • TestRail
    • SOAP UI
    • Atlassian Jira
    • Atlassian Confluence
    • Android SDK
    • Xcode
    • Charles
    • Fiddler

    Undisputable Benefits

    At Softeq we’re committed to delivering exceptional quality of the developed solutions. We stand out for:

    • One-stop shop QA services with tailored processes for each target solution type: hardware, firmware, software;

    • Efficient testing methodologies and best practices on each stage/type of testing. Working in sync with the engineering team, whatever development methodology is adopted at the project, our QA squad is quite flexible in following suit;

    • Transparent project management, execution, and detailed documentation along with reporting to help track and control the quality of the deliverables in almost real-time mode;

    • Flexibility in resource utilization: QA service provided as an integral part of a project implementation or on a Dedicated Team basis;

    • Proven communication workflows established among the test and development team, governing meetings, escalation rules, build notifications, project space, bug tracking, issue reporting, etc. to ensure well-synced collaboration preventing resource downtime and project delays;

    • Minimized TCO of the solution through timely, complete, and well-organized QA processes.

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