Smart Home Solutions

Turn to Softeq to create Smart Home solutions that work in sync with 3rd-party devices and apps, protect user data, keep firmware updated, support Alexa, and deliver a seamless user experience thanks to intuitive interfaces and an effortless setup process.

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Connected Home Solutions

Smart Lighting Solutions

We build remotely controlled smart lighting systems that harvest environmental, motion, and occupancy sensor data to optimize energy use. Partner with Softeq to:

  • Connect your entire suite of smart lighting products via secure protocols, including ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Thread
  • Enable smart lighting control via web applications, mobile apps, and voice commands

IoT Solutions for HVAC

Softeq will help you transform analog heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems into smart energy management and climate control solutions. We enhance thermostats, air conditioners, and heating equipment with:

  • Intelligent direct digital control (DDL) units
  • Wireless sensors that relay data to the cloud and endpoint devices
  • Back-end solutions, which analyze sensor data and weather conditions
  • Web, mobile, and desktop applications for managing HVAC systems

Alexa-controlled Smart Homes

As part of our Alexa app development services, we’ll make your Smart Home product responsive to voice commands using Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and AWS IoT Core. To enable hands-free interactions with connected home appliances, your device will:

  • Filter background noise using noise reduction chips and algorithms
  • Distinguish homeowner voices and process voice commands with minimum latency
  • Orchestrate Smart Home devices: connected lighting, HVAC equipment, kitchen appliances, smart TV solutions, and audio systems
  • Provide answers to searchable questions and interact with 3rd-party services via APIs

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Self-learning Smart Home Devices

We’ll help you design Nest-like connected home devices that anticipate user actions based on real-time and historical data. To accomplish this goal, we’ll enhance your product with custom-trained Machine Learning models capable of:

  • Identifying users in live video data from indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Creating operating schedules based on homeowner preferences
  • Ingesting and processing data from other devices and applications
  • Making autonomous decisions and acquiring new skills over time

Always-on Smart Home Security Solutions

Partner with Softeq to create home security system software or multi-gadget solutions featuring surveillance cameras, doorbells, and smart locks operated via a central hub. When building Smart Home security solutions, we implement:

  • Multi-factor authentication techniques: passwords, biometrics
  • Automatic OTA firmware updates and security patches
  • Combination of local and cloud-based data storage and processing
  • Internet-independent system functioning

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Full-stack Smart Home Development Services


Hardware Design

From PCB to custom enclosure design and hardware testing, we offer comprehensive Smart Home development services to startups working on a novel device from the ground up.


Embedded Systems

We create firmware and middleware solutions for Home Automation systems to enable their business logic and connect them to the cloud, mobile apps, controllers, and other devices.


Smart Home App Development

We design mobile and web applications that help users monitor, manage, and configure their smart gadgets — while at home or remotely.


Machine Learning Expertise

Being well-versed in intelligent image/video analysis and natural language processing (NLP), we design Smart Home solutions that function well with little to no human supervision.

How Can We Help?

Overcoming Smart Home Interoperability Issues

To merge your device into the global Home Automation system, Softeq will develop integration layers, device drivers, APIs, and AI-based middleware. This way, your device will be able to exchange data with 3rd-party systems and web services.

Staying in the Home Automation Loop

We invest in R&D and learn the latest Home Automation development tools inside out. The approach allows us to build competitive connected home products and solve practical Smart Home development challenges, such as adding voice assistants to low-memory devices and interfacing gadgets that use different connectivity technologies.