Mobile App Development

We design and develop custom mobile apps, mobile SDKs and utilities, as well as lean mobile solutions for business smoothly integrated with web services and internal corporate systems — from requirements gathering to release and submission to the application stores, as well as porting, ongoing maintenance and support.

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Integration for cooperation: We design Enterprise Mobile Applications and Solutions that provide on-the-go access to business-critical data and functionality to ensure efficient and uninterrupted cooperation of your staff, channel partners, and clients.

User experience for loyalty: Softeq’s Mobile Team develop mobile applications that provide for ample user engagement and retention through appropriate mechanisms, including in-app purchases and targeted ads.

Performance for success: Our deep-rooted expertise in electrical design and low-level programming allow leveraging the device’s hardware potential and optimize software’s performance for maximized ROI of any mobile development engagement.

Domain Expertise and Project Experience


Softeq is a trusted long-term technology partner to global industry leaders and technology innovators, established businesses striving for innovation, as well as ambitious start-ups. Our domain experience is best suited for delivering mobile aps and solutions on the cutting edge of the latest trends.

  • Enterprise mobility
  • Event management
  • Digital imaging
  • Mobile PoCs
  • Mobile low-level apps
  • Mobile SDKs
  • Video streaming on mobile
  • Media content distribution
  • Apps for smart devices

Mobilize Enterprise Data, Workflows and Features 

We develop advanced mobile clients and distributed mobility solutions seamlessly integrated with corporate databases, applications, and systems. We deliver lean, productive and secure mobile apps for Ecommerce enablement, B2B, B2C and B2E solutions.

Enterprise mobility

Harness the Power of Mobile Platforms to the Maximum 

We rely on years of extensive experience in embedded software development and low-level programming to craft powerful mobile applications optimized for performance and most efficient utilization of the hardware resources such as CPU, GPU, memory, onboard camera, etc.

Mobile low-level

Strong Skills and Mature Development Processes

We align with the best development practices, provide transparency and professional guidance throughout all the development stages — from requirements analysis and specification to prototyping, development and launch in the application store or use in a corporate environment.



Featured Projects

Android Assistive Listening and Captioning App Operating on a Custom-made Handheld Device


Information Security Tool for Digital Strategy and E-marketing Agency: an iPad Client-Server Email and E-signature Capture App


Conversor Notetalker for Android: Comprehensive Pre-Release Quality Assurance Audit


Conversor Notetalker: an Algorithm Based Assistive Audio Recording Application


Access Control System Prototype: Meeting a Tight Deadline to Enable Live Technology Demonstration


Smart Marketing Tool for Branson Ultrasonics: a Multiplatform Client-Server Mobile App for an Industrial Automation Corporation of World Fame


Buzztime’s Mobile Playmaker: A Mobile Alternative to a Traditional Game Console with Updated UX


Multiplatform Mobile Proof-of-Concept App: Assessing New Technologies Enabling Snowboarder Trick Recognition and Custom Metadata Application


A CUDA-powered Watercolor Drawing Simulator for NVIDIA SHIELD™ and Tegra Note™

Softeq delivered a watercolor drawing simulating app with CUDA-powered calculations and OpenGL-based output for each step of the drawing process — from watercolor flow to drying to flow collisions and final texture rendering.

A Face Recognition Demo for Google Glass

To test the waters of the pre-production version of Google Glass, Softeq's R&D team investigated the solution’s capabilities building an OpenCV-driven camera application that uses a predefined database of faces to learn Neural Networks. The app provides for face detection and image processing capabilities with the results output on the screen.

HTML Slide Manager: An Efficient Presentation Tool for Pumping Up Pharmaceutical Companies’ Marketing Efforts


World of Tanks ‘Let’s Battle’ Digital Magazine: An Interactive Digital Medium for Connecting with the Game Fans


Inteliscope Multiplatform Mobile Client-Server Application: Interactive Riflescope with Sensor-based Data Processing Capabilities


A Secure Financial Asset Tracking and Management App for Android Devices


Mobile App Prototype: Delivering Compelling Brand Experience through Cutting-edge Technologies for a World’s Leading Sports Brand


Mobile Sports App Prototype for a Global Sports Giant: From Manual Training Assessment to Digital Results Capturing, Analysis, and Visualization


Improvement and Further Enhancement of an Asymmetric Encryption Based Multiplatform Messaging App


Multi-functional iOS Culinary Platform: A Faster Roll-out of Highly Interactive and Immersive Cooking Applications


Enabling New Touch Interface Capabilities: Touchpad Driver for an Innovative Gadget Attachable to Tablets


A proof-of-concept iOS App for Omron: Showcasing OKAO Vision Face Sensing Technology Capabilities with Real-time Image Processing


‘Local Black Card’ Deals Tracking App: A Geo-targeting and Geo-tagging Enabled Mobile Client-Server Solution


An Efficient Leads Tracking Tool for Maximizing Return of an Attended Event


‘RU Prepared?’ Gaming App: Aiding U.S. Medical Professionals in Smoother Transition to Latest Revision of ICD and Related Health Problems


Interactive Cafe Table Top: A Functionally Rich App Driven by OS Level Software


Mobilizing Sales Efforts with on the Fly Access to the Critical Customer Data

Softeq created a Metro Style designed Windows Phone app and integrated it with customer’s Microsoft SharePoint based CRM system. The application supports on the fly access to the stored data on prospects allowing adding new, as well as viewing and editing the existing opportunities.

An Assistive Technology Telecare Solution: Comprehensive R&D Works to Lock in a Successful Hardware and Software Implementation


Achieving Convenience, Speed, and Cost-efficiency with a Mobile VoIP Solution for Business Communication


Mobile App for the Russian Ball in London: A Networking Application with On-the-fly Event Information Access


A Fully Functional Media Content Distribution App Prototype for Samsung: Streaming Smart TV Media Content on Smartphones and Tablets


NVIDIA GTC and BlizzCon 2011: Multi-platform Event Schedule and Session Manager


Flight Operations Tracker: BlackBerry Application for Logging Flight Information on Small Commuter and Cargo Airlines


HP iPAQ Developer Program — At the Forefront of App Development Support: Custom SDKs, Technical Support, Web Portal Maintenance


NVision: A Multi-content News App for Android with a Full-scale Web Version


NVIDIA's NVContacts: A Multi-platform Mobile Contact Management Application Enabling Unified Secure Access to Organizational Data


BlizzCon 2013 Guide: Android-based Mobile App Enabling Event Sessions Scheduling, Up-to-the-minute Updates Accessing, and Live Video Streaming


NVIDIA's Camera for Android: Redefining User Experience in Mobile Digital Imaging


Atlas Copco Mag: Multiplatform eMagazine App/News App for Fortune 500 Industrial Giant


Partnering with a World's Most Famous Entertainment Destination and Hewlett Packard to Design Assistive Solutions Based on HP iPAQ PDA

Android SDK for Rovi’s Connected Platform: Commercial Solution to Build Android-to-Anything Multimedia Content Streaming Apps


Cerasus Media’s Driving License: A Mobile Interactive Tool for Accelerating the Learning Curve for Drivers



Native Applications  Native Applications

We focus on native mobile application development. When designing mobile apps, we take into consideration all the target platform specifics. Our Mobile Development Team also boasts significant experience in application porting from/to iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

HTML5 Applications  HTML5 Applications

Our mobile software engineers with a web development background efficiently apply their skills to deliver HTML5 mobile apps, with autonomous mode support, if required. We also help clients create mobile versions of their web services.


Hybrid Applications  Hybrid Applications

We know how to combine the advantage of using native apps with the efficiency of providing engaging content delivered through web services, either proprietary or 3rd party.

Cross-platform Development  Cross-platform Development

Softeq’s experts successfully cope with the complexities of cross-platform development leveraging powerful tools and frameworks such as Cocos2D-X, Unity, PhoneGap, Marmalade, Corona, Flash Air, UDK, and more. We’ll take you through each stage of the SDLC with minimized project costs and reduced time lines.


Client Testimonial

In our first project with Softeq for a top consumer electronics company, I was impressed with their professional project management and level of commitment. When we needed several of our applications ported to a mobile platform under a very tight timeframe, we turned to Softeq. Not only did they deliver what we needed on time and without handholding, they worked through the holidays to meet our deadline. They then took the extra step of supporting us on site at CES (the Consumer Electronics CES Show) to ensure our presentation was a success.


Featured Project: Android SDK for Rovi’s Connected Platform

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Android SDK for Rovi

Ben Tan
Product Management Director, Rovi Corporation


Draw on the world-class mobile development skill

Our team of project-proved mobile developers with unmatched expertise in mobile apps for business, mobile utilities, connectivity, data integration and user experience engineering will deliver the mobile solution you need, when you need it and exactly the way you expect it to be. We are ready to roll-up our sleeves and help you achieve your business objectives, just like we've been doing it for Nike, Blizzard, NVIDIA, Atlas Copco, Omron for years. Do use the time to contact us and make a step towards achieving your goal.