Online Payment Solutions

Softeq collaborates with distributors, wholesalers, eCommerce companies, and retail brands looking to add payment functionality to their IT systems. On top of electronic payment services, we enhance our software with business intelligence (BI) features: sales analytics, inventory management, and automated stock replenishment.

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Payment Solutions We Build

ePayment Tools

Softeq offers payment integration services to companies operating online stores, booking software, virtual marketplaces, auction websites, or eCommerce aggregators. We’ll help you merge a 3rd-party electronic payment system into your website or create a custom ePayment tool ensuring: 

  • Fast, device-agnostic payment experience
  • Compliance with the eCommerce industry standards: PCI DSS, NACHA
  • Seamless integration with your IT systems: ERP, CRM, IMS, WMS, etc.

Purchase-to-pay (P2P) Solutions

As part of our P2P software development services, we create fully integrated P2P/eProcurement systems that automate requisitioning, procurement, and payment processes, and help businesses control maverick spending. Our custom P2P solutions will enable your company to:

  • Research, select, and interact with suppliers
  • Re-order goods from suppliers based on your purchase history
  • Convert purchase requisitions into purchase orders
  • Gain real-time inventory visibility, create reports, and monitor spending
  • Submit payments and reconcile entries in accounting software

Back Ends for Point of Sale (POS) Systems

We design secure on-premise and cloud-based back ends underpinning the business logic of retail POS solutions, and merge the systems with your accounting and inventory management software via secure APIs. Partner with Softeq to:

  • Speed up the check-out process
  • Eliminate manual data entry and duplications
  • Automate stock replenishment
  • Set user roles and permissions for your employees
  • Track multi-store performance statistics
  • Accumulate sales data for future planning

Featured Projects

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Boosting Customer Engagement

Our web development team has hands-on experience building back-end solutions for mobile customer loyalty and referral programs. We’ll help you track purchases made by your customers online and in physical locations, deliver relevant promo content to customers based on their shopping history, and reward loyal clients with in-app currency.

Supporting Contextual Commerce Initiatives

Besides integrating ePayment capabilities into web applications, we create technology systems that assist retailers in making sales anytime, anywhere. For this, we’ll interface your software with social networking channels, voice assistants, proximity solutions, and ML-powered recommendation engines.