Social Networking App Development

As a social networking app development company, Softeq builds software that improves people-to-people online interaction. To help you acquire more users, we will create a secure app with multiple authorization options, a customizable profile and news feed, a user-friendly interface, and an opportunity to invite friends or exchange virtual gifts. Whether you want to build a community around your brand, create an alternative sales channel, or connect people who share the same interests, you can benefit from our social media app development services.

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Social Networking Business App Development

With years of proven social networking app development experience, our engineers build apps to help businesses enhance their online presence. This increases brand awareness, expands their business network, and helps them reach their target audience. Discover our social media app development services to design:

  • Customer loyalty apps
  • Mobile-based customer referral programs
  • Chat apps for customer support
  • Uber-like apps
  • Patient–doctor communication solutions

Messaging App Development Services

We tap into our social network application development experience to create platforms that enable real-time text messaging, voice and video calls, emoji and sticker sharing, as well as photo editing tools. If you have a business idea and need a solution to provide your customers with timely information and services, our social media app development team will build a secure messaging app tailored to your business needs. Our solution pool features:

  • Corporate messengers
  • Mass-market messaging apps
  • Chatbots

Entertainment Social Media App Development

We create social media apps serving the needs of different generations. Calling on our years of social media app development, we deliver solutions that enable users to share all kinds of media files, leave comments and ratings, and use instant messaging. As part of our social networking app development services, we build:

  • Travel apps
  • Nightlife apps
  • Dating apps
  • Live streaming apps
  • Video blogs
  • Community forums
  • Gaming apps with leadership boards and score sharing

Featured Projects

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Adding Innovative Features

As a company with proven augmented reality development skills, we will integrate AR features into social networking apps to bring user experience to the next level.

Designing Crash-proof Apps

We design back ends for social media apps and mobile messengers to make sure your solution performs fast, scales on demand, and synchronizes all necessary data across multiple platforms.

Enhancing App Security

Our solutions guarantee the ultimate security for your data. We implement obligatory two-factor authentication, data encryption, safe APIs, biometric authentication, and secure client-to-server communication technologies.