Enterprise Mobility

We craft custom enterprise mobile solutions that enable businesses to automate their internal operations. With our b2b application development experience, we offer various digital tools to facilitate business processes.

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Workplace Productivity

We develop mobile solutions that help companies evaluate employee performance, keep tasks on schedule, and manage resources more effectively. Our portfolio features:

  • Task management apps
  • Productivity management apps
  • Analytics tools
  • Project workplaces

Internal Operations

We turn to enterprise mobile development to help companies automate internal processes and effectively manage corporate workflows. Partner with us to build:

  • Custom CRM solutions
  • Client and sales management apps
  • CMS apps
  • Digital asset management solutions
  • Data management apps


Softeq builds mobile solutions for businesses that enable internal data sharing and collaboration among partners, clients, and suppliers. We have relevant experience building:

  • Cloud-based content delivery apps
  • Collaboration portals
  • Enterprise social networks
  • Document and file-sharing apps
  • Corporate messengers and conferencing solutions

Featured Projects

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B2E Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We offer B2E solutions to facilitate business process management and internal collaboration while providing on the fly access to consolidated corporate information.

B2B Enterprise Mobility Solutions

With our B2B application development services, customers get sales enablement tools to drive profitability, engage with consumers, inspire loyalty, and build a stronger bond with end-users.