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iOS App Development Services

Softeq provides iOS application development services to help clients build mobile applications employed across a range of domains — small, medium and enterprise-level business, entertainment, and enterprise mobility. We develop applications for iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS.

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Key iOS Technology Competence

  • Development Environments

    Xcode, AppCode

  • Development Languages

    Swift, Objective-C, C/C++

  • Frameworks and Components

    • iOS/iPadOS/watchOS SDK
    • CommonCrypto, Security
    • ARKit, CoreML, Vision, SceneKit, ModelIO
    • CoreNFC, CoreLocation, CoreBluetooth, ExternalAccessory
    • AVFoundation, CoreVideo, CoreMedia, CoreAudio, ImageIO, Accelerate
  • ORMs and Databases

    Realm, CoreData, SQLite

  • Third-Party SDKs

    Reactive: RxSwift/ReactiveSwift/ReactiveObjc

    Networking: AFNetworking/Alamofire/Moya

    Analytics: Firebase / Fabric / AppCenter / Flurry / Amplitude / Google Analytics

    Social: FacebookSDK/TwitterKit

    AR & Computer Vision: Vuforia/OpenCV

    Automation: Cocoapods/Fastlane/ SwiftLint/SwiftGen

How We Work

Dedicated Development Team

Softeq dedicated developer teams can tap into your project at any stage, be it a solution under development, a paper prototype or a live product.


Flexible Engagement Possibilities

We offer a selection of engagement model combinations to reach the optimal approach for your project: a Dedicated Development Team, Time and Materials, or Fixed Price.


Full-stack Development Capabilities

With our full-stack expertise, we can cover a wide scope of your product lifecycle and meet the main challenges of iOS application development.

Featured Projects

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Igor Account Manager

Apple Watch Development

We have the in-depth industry knowledge and relevant expertise for Apple Watch app development. We build WatchOS apps for fitness tracking and health monitoring, apps that connect with devices in integrated IoT ecosystems, nutrition monitoring and analytics, multimedia processing, messaging and more. We design Apple watch apps that provide seamless user experience through intuitive navigation and well thought-out interfaces.

Objective-C and Swift Development Capabilities

We have extensive experience in both Objective-C and Swift development. Whether you plan to use Objective-C or its alternative Swift, our iOS development team will be able to assist. We can help you create a solution from scratch, optimize your existing iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, and WatchOS app, or migrate your application from other languages to Swift and Objective-C.

Proven iOS App Development Practices

As an iOS app development company we have a proven set of iOS-focused development tools, frameworks, and practices on hand. Our best practices ensure the cohesion and manageability of the implementation process — from requirements gathering to release, to taking the app through the Apple review and publication routine, all the way through to maintenance and support of released titles.

Developing towards Contextual Experiences

By integrating beacon technology in iOS, Apple has notably extended its devices’ location services. Combined with Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon provides the ability to instantly leverage “proximity context” for an enhanced customer experience.

We can help analyze your target audience’s context, suggesting ways for non-intrusive but engaging interaction with your users, while balancing their wants with the need for privacy.