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Gorilla Safety Mobile and Web App

Enabling efficient fleet management and safety control

Solution Mobile app bundled with an electronic data logging device (ELD)


ENGAGEMENT MODEL T&M (time and materials)
  • Web Development Team
  • BA Team
  • Mobile Development Team
  • QA Team



Due to limited in-house technical expertise, the client, based in Texas, required a local partner to carry out design and development of their custom web and mobile application to support their core business. Softeq Development stood out for local management facilities availability along with mature software engineering and quality assurance specialists with demonstrated extensive knowledge of web, iOS, and Android technologies, as well as hardware operation.

The app was to help transportation service providers monitor and comply with freight transportation standards, protocols, and regulations, while avoiding insurance premiums.


The developed solution consists of a mobile app bundled with an electronic data logging device (ELD)— targeting truck drivers and mechanics, and a web dashboard— designed for fleet supervisors, allowing to:

  • Track assignments and working time (electronic logs)
  • Generate related reports
  • Track vehicle inspections and repairs
  • Track mileage
  • Detect violations and investigate accidents
  • Track vehicle location

Integrated with the mobile app, the ELD retrieves data on the vehicle operation enabling to:

  • Analyze and process the odometer and speed meter data
  • Automatically change driver’s status (e.g. off-duty, driving, etc.)
  • Automatically submit driver’s daily logs
  • Track and report vehicle’s malfunctions

Security and Methodology

The app utilizes a secure connection with user authentication and authorization steps.

The team employed Scrum, an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology, working in sprints.