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Android App Development Services

We build Android apps for smartphones, tablets, wearables, TV, and any other Android-based device or system. From design and development to testing and support, Softeq provides end-to-end Android app development services.

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Key Android Technology Competence

  • Development Environments

    Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA

  • Development Languages

    Java, Kotlin

  • Frameworks and Components

    Android SDK/NDK, Android Jetpack, Dagger2, Google API (Maps, Messaging, Billing, YouTube, DialogFlow)

  • ORMs and Databases

    SQLite, Realm, GreenDAO

  • Third-Party SDKs

    Analytics: Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Localytics, Flurry

    Social: Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK, Instagram SDK

    Image Loaders: Glide, Picasso, Fresco, Universal Image Loader

    Networking: Retrofit, Volley, OkHttp, Ion

    Others:RxJava, LeakCanary, Guava, Kotlin Coroutines

How We Work

Dedicated Development Team

If your solution translates into a large-scale project with a multi-role team, the Dedicated Development Team (DDT) model could be an efficient option for time and cost savings.


Flexible Engagement Possibilities

Our range of engagement options include: Fixed Price, Time and Materials or a combination of the two. Depending on your needs, priorities, and budget, we can find the option that suits you best.


Full-stack Development Capabilities

Our full-stack development capabilities allow us to combine Android with other technologies to enhance the efficiency of your solution and deliver more value to your business.

Featured Projects

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Kotlin App Development Services

We’ve been building applications with Kotlin Google’s preferred Android development language since 2017. The language offers multiple built-in features to help developers achieve the same results with 40% less code (compared to Java) and fix bugs quicker. As part of our Kotlin app development services, we can develop apps from scratch, or extend existing Java-based Android solutions with additional modules.

Android-driven Apps for Custom Hardware Platforms

Softeq has accumulated unique expertise in Android application development for custom hardware platforms. Created to support interfacing between a target device and external hardware infrastructure (eg. Bluetooth I/O and IR modules), the apps utilize custom APIs to configure and control hardware. Some of our past project experience includes API implementation for a vibration sensor and development of an Android app that exploits OS level software to run on a custom tablet.

Android Wear Experts on Board

As an Android app development company, Softeq is capable of designing, developing, and customizing multifunctional Android Wear apps for health and fitness, nutrition monitoring and analytics, multimedia, messaging, and communication sync between devices.

Catering to Connected Devices

To enable wearables to communicate with mobile devices while consuming less battery, our Android app development team leverages the built-in platform capability — Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Another valuable connectivity feature we capitalize on is Android Beam, which allows digital content to be shared between devices by touching them together or bringing them into proximity.