VoIP Solutions

Whether you want to integrate an IP solution into your business, create a conferencing solution for team collaboration, or establish a fully fledged call center, all you need is a VoIP app development partner. Softeq will help you make the switch from traditional telephony to a voice over IP-empowered solution that is smooth and built in line with your business goals.

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Custom VoIP Solutions for Businesses

P2P IP Telephony Apps

If you’re looking to build a sophisticated phone system with a full feature set—voicemail, contacts directory, and computer integration, VoIP software development services come in handy. All this without massive investments in expensive PBX hardware. We integrate real-time communication capabilities into web browsers and mobile applications. This results in an intuitive interface that replicates a conventional phone control.

Our portfolio of P2P IP telephony apps includes:

  • Mobile messaging apps
  • Softphone integration
  • Corporate messengers
  • TTTS-based speech processing functionality

Multi-user Conferencing Solutions

As part of our VoIP development services, we create multi-user conferencing solutions that combine VoIP, video streaming, and bandwidth management capabilities. This will help you and your remote employees conduct effective, uninterrupted meetings. We further enhance our video conferencing solutions with secure audio, video, live chats, electronic whiteboards, data compression tools, and simple file sharing.

We deliver:

  • Video conferencing services
  • Conference room systems
  • WebRTC-driven solutions
  • Video-conferencing API integration

Enterprise VoIP Solutions

To help you manage high call volume and accelerate your move to a distributed network of remote agents, we build cloud-based VoIP systems that don’t require a single phone line. Our VoIP development engineers deliver solutions that offer flexible storage capacity and can scale along with your needs while ensuring privacy for both incoming calls and the enterprise system as a whole. Call recording, intelligent routing, pre-built integrations with CRM, WFM, and quality monitoring—we will implement the required functionality to deliver a truly consumer-centric solution:

  • Call center software
  • Auto dialers and predictive dialers
  • Click-to-call services
  • DID management solutions
  • IVR systems AI chatbots

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Going with a Trusted VoIP Development Company

If you are ready to delve into VoIP app development, start by searching for a VoIP software development company with solid expertise in the integration and customization of voice over IP solutions. The right tech vendor will take all your VoIP business needs into account and flawlessly integrate real-time communication into the existing IT infrastructure.

Building Corporate VoIP Solutions

With new telephony technologies coming to the market every day, it is possible to find a suitable VoIP solution for small and large businesses across any industry and have it customized to your individual needs. Looking for a ready-to-go business VoIP solution? Softeq’s team of VoIP development experts can implement the most suitable system for your business and take care of further maintenance and support. 

Thinking of building a custom VoIP solution? Our team will focus solely on your business needs and address your pain points in the most efficient way.