Cross-platform App Development

The Softeq cross-platform app development team will help you build Xamarin applications for Android, iOS, and Windows. Besides multi-platform application development, we provide end-to-end QA services to verify that your app performs well on target devices.

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Multi-platform Application Development: Code Once, Run Anywhere

Cross-platform App Development

From applications that visualize sensor data in real time to mobile Augmented Reality, we have hands-on experience building cross-platform apps with a 70-90% reusable codebase. This makes it easier to maintain your app, roll out new features, and target users across multiple platforms and devices. Our know-how includes:

  • Xamarin applications for iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Gaming apps built with Unity
  • Custom open-source solutions: live chat frameworks, toolkits, native binding libraries

Customization of open-source multi-platform application development libraries and contribution to open-source projects: NuGet, GitHub, CocoaPods, Google's Maven Repository


UI & UX Design

We design cross platform apps with platform-specific or shared native user interfaces. To help you achieve UI consistency and platform parity, our team will make use of native IDEs (XCode, Android Studio) and optimize the feature set and navigation logic of your app. This approach allows us to create applications that:

  • Access native functionality: sensors, cameras, connectivity, browsers, notifications, text messages, etc.
  • Utilize native controls and UI elements
  • Meet Human Interface (iOS) and Material Design (Android) guidelines

Mobile App Testing

We will make sure your cross-platform mobile app performs well and is rendered properly on target devices. For this, we maintain a large park of smartphones and tablets powered by popular mobile operating systems. Our mobile app testing services cover:

  • RAM and battery usage
  • Integration with 3rd-party services and internal smartphone components
  • Network connectivity
  • UI/UX testing: screen size, resolution, PPI, DPI
  • Back-end integration
  • App installation and updates

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Technology Stack

Our know-how

Engineering Complex Back Ends

Our developers make use of code-sharing tools including .Net Standard and portable class libraries (PCLs) to enable common business logic for platform-independent applications. We can handle push notifications, user authentication, live chat, analytics, and integration with external services, including maps (Google Maps, Mapbox) and payment services (Stripe)

Developing Cross-platform Apps for IoT Solutions

Softeq offers cross-platform mobile development services to IoT startups and companies undergoing Digital Transformation. Our portfolio features cross-platform applications supporting the management of IoT solutions: pet activity trackers, sports accessories, telecare systems, and Smart Home devices.