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Workflow Automation Solution for Drone-based Oil Rig Inspections

Analyzes multimedia data captured by inspection drones and helps oil and gas companies monitor equipment condition

SOLUTION Workflow automation solution for drone-based oil rig inspections

Software and Technology

ENGAGEMENT MODEL T&M (time and materials)
  • Java Developers
  • Front-end Developers
  • UI/UX Designer



Sky-Futures turned to Softeq to develop a workflow management system (WfMS) integrated with digital asset management (DAM) software. The solution was expected to process multimedia data captured by drones during oil rig inspections and automate the complete inspection process.


We built a secure customer portal with a back end powered by proprietary Machine Learning algorithms. The system serves as a universal platform for automated order, document, and digital asset management. Its key features include:

  • User administration: an oil production company can register an account and track the data on UAV inspections performed at the facilities they own
  • Image and video processing: the system uses smart algorithms to process visual data captured by inspection drones
  • Electronic document management
  • Collaboration functionality: reviews, comments, task assignments, etc.
  • Inspection reports: dynamic, PDF

The solution features photo and video editing tools supporting color, brightness, and sharpness adjustments. It also allows operators to save still images from a video and add text and voice notes during online video playback.


The solution is expected to further maximize time savings and minimize costs related to oil and gas inspections. In 2017, the workflow automation system developed by Softeq won a Silver Stevieยฎ Award as Energy Industry Innovation of the Year in the International Business Awards program.