Enterprise Software Development

With our enterprise software development services, startups, SMEs, and corporations can automate routine tasks and optimize workflows. This enables greater control over all business processes at all levels, and our clients get the most value and can increase their revenue.

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Enterprise Software Solutions for Businesses

Web Portals

Driving business communication is a primary need for many businesses. And our web portals can help meet that need. Such portals should be highly secure, so that you can share any kind of sensitive business data. They can also be a good way to measure employee engagement and accelerate workflows. At Softeq, we focus on the following areas of enterprise software development:

  • Intranet and extranet enterprise solutions
  • Feedback and performance management tools
  • Cloud-based solutions (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • B2B/B2C customer portals and e-commerce solutions
  • Interactive product and service catalogs
  • Automated tracking and approval systems
  • E-health portals compliant with healthcare industry standards (HIPAA, L7, GMP, DICOM, and FDA among others)
  • Team workspaces with integrated project and task management tools

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Many companies can significantly reduce their expenses with digital solutions that automate and streamline business processes. As an enterprise software development company, Softeq designs such solutions. They reduce human error and coordinate data flows. These solutions will give you a broad picture of the existing backlog of tasks, and you can track their progress plus how those tasks are being carried out.

  • Server automation solutions
  • Data management systems
  • Document management platforms
  • Digital asset management (DAM) tools

Business Intelligence (BI)

Custom BI tools can give most growing businesses a real boost. These enterprise software solutions can track any amount of metrics from multiple sources. Using advanced data mining tools, they process and analyze raw data, and then present it in a structured way with visualizations. All critical performance indicators become available on dashboards on the spot.

  • Data processing and OLAP systems
  • Reporting and KPI tools
  • Interactive dashboards and reporting tools

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Enterprise Portals & Decision Support

If you need full-cycle enterprise software development, our team is ready to take on projects of any complexity. For example, our expertise in enterprise web application development allows us to create comprehensive enterprise portals. They help our customers optimize business processes and organize team resources. This all improves decision-making and, therefore, business results.

Automating Business Processes

Smart business process automation can improve the quality of work, reduce costs, and optimize workflows. To help businesses achieve this, we offer enterprise software development services. Our team will help you analyze and test your business processes and identify major bottlenecks. After that, we’ll be able to optimize your processes, design a solution that automates them, and help your business generate more value at lower cost.