AI/ML Process Automation Web Solutions

Softeq helps businesses adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate repetitive tasks, better organize business processes, and offer a personalized customer experience. We employ complex algorithms, big neural networks, and signal and sensor processing, to improve human-computer interaction for business optimization.

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We Build Web Applications with AI/ML Capabilities

Data Analysis Systems

We create custom ML-based solutions that help businesses aggregate, process, and visualize data from wearable and industrial sensors, CRM/ERP/EAM systems, and connected devices. Our know-how includes:

  • Credit scoring engines for FinTech and banking companies
  • Cloud-based predictive and preventive maintenance systems that analyze sensor data generated by industrial equipment
  • AI-powered search and recommendation engines for eCommerce companies
  • Sports analytics solutions for talent acquisition, training and performance analysis

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Turn to Softeq to build NLP solutions that analyze and process written and spoken language, recognize context, and derive meaning from it. We’ll help you apply NLP technology in different ways: 

  • Enhance a chatbot with conversational UI
  • Implement automated spelling and grammar checkers
  • Develop machine translation systems, which preserve the meaning of the input text 
  • Build a contract analytics system, with a focus on compliance management and fraud detection 
  • Create intelligent voice assistants for call centers

Image Processing & Analysis

We build applications capable of understanding, labeling, and analyzing imagery (both photos and videos). Our portfolio features: 

  • Medical imaging systems: CT, OCT, MRI, X-ray 
  • Real-time video-based surveillance systems and object tracking platforms
  • In-store solutions for improving store inventory management, customer service, and safety
  • Consumer attention tracking and facial recognition for more accurate ad targeting
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for generating original content 

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