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Years of Java Development Experience

Softeq’s software engineers have multiple years of Java development experience under their belt addressing the needs of startups, SMBs, and large global enterprises alike. We employ robust capabilities of the Java technology stack for building Android apps, back-ends, desktop apps, large-scale web enterprise solutions, and advanced IoT systems.

Verified by Community

Java provides excellent versatility thanks to loads of open-source, community-tested frameworks and libraries. They expedite the development time and automate most critical processes an enterprise may face — messaging and network communication, finance management, document management, and many others. Our team is skilled in prototyping, building apps for use on the web or devices, high-performance database design, migrating existing solutions from other platforms to Java, as well as software diagnostics, debugging, and troubleshooting.

Seamless Interfacing

To be able to access a database, backend admin panel or special functional features, you’re likely to need an interface. Our frontend, GUI and HMI engineers have been instrumental in tying together frontends and back-ends to enable seamless interfacing experience with the end-solution:

  • Web Portals
  • Line-of-business Applications
  • Workflow Automation Software

If you need a complete solution that has an easy-to-use, visually compelling UI smoothly interacting with the server side or hardware, we can help.

Reliable Cloud with AWS

We rely on AWS to launch and manage simple web solutions with file storage and database management needs. AWS is also our go-to Cloud service if we’re building multi-unit line-of-business apps with advanced computing, analytical or streaming data management needs. Thanks to its ready-to-use, fast launchable services, AWS provides the agility, reliability, and consistency we aim for to deliver a top quality solution. Such solution will scale up and down depending on the request load and maintain a healthy balance of being available, up-to-date, and resilient to network partitions.

Designed for Health Data Protection

For clients in Healthcare dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI), AWS provides a set of dedicated features and services that enable secure processing, storage, and transmission of PHI as required by HIPAA and HITECH Act. AWS’s off-the-shelf infrastructure platform has been certified and audited against such standards as ISO 27001, FedRAMP, and the Service Organization Control Reports (SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3).

Whether you’re looking for a hassle-free hosting possibilities or would like to tap the power of ready-made services, we’ll come up with an optimum solution for your needs using AWS.

Mature Java Technology Talent

Despite the platform's popularity and overall Java resource availability, at Softeq we keep a high benchmark for skills maturity. Our Java engineers, part of the Web Development team, boast 7 years of hands-on implementation experience on average. That means they know how to write a quality code that can be reused on other platforms; design a modular and scalable architecture so that the app remains stable irrespective of the load fluctuation; build a distributed solution that won’t crash or hang because of some server malfunctions.

To ensure the solution development project respects your time, cost, and quality expectations, we involve seasoned high-tech professionals in managing, lead, and senior roles: project managers, delivery managers, solution architects, web/desktop/mobile application developers, QA engineers, and support engineers. Not only do they have thorough understanding of the technology, they also know how to maintain a meaningful and productive cross-departmental communication, resolve issues, and ideate more efficient development alternatives.

Flexible Engagement Possibilities

If your target solution translates into a large-scale project with a multi-role team of 5 people and over (e.g. PM, BA, Solution Architect, UX Designer, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, QAs), the Dedicated Development Team model could be an efficient option in terms of time and cost savings. Some of the obvious benefits include undivided team’s focus, reliable and secure dedicated IT infrastructure, and attractive pricing options.

Other engagement possibilities are Fixed Price, Time and Materials or a combination of those. Depending on your needs, priorities, budget and resource management capacity, we’ll suggest the one that suits you best.

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