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Enterprise Test Labs

Remote quality assessment for faster firmware delivery

Sandisk is a major flash memory producer. They needed a service to help flash engineers verify firmware’s quality faster.

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The client required a service for testing their ready-for-release products’ firmware.

The solution had to speed up debugging and bring results within one business day. Softeq was hired to deliver a testing service employing the continuous integration method.


Continuous Integration

An automated continuous integration server monitors the changes made in the source code of the product under test. Once the updates are detected, the service starts the scenario for compiling a new build version. The new build is then installed on the testing machines, with the tests launched automatically. A developer can track the process and access the results through a web interface.

Solid State Drive Testing

The SSD Test Lab numbered 25 remotely accessible PCs, each facilitating several test device — up to 4 Solid State Drives (SSD) per computer. The Lab was rolled out to ensure the firmware developed for the SSDs met the performance and reliability metrics necessary for their commercial release.

All tests are managed from a single workstation. In case of a failure, a firmware engineer can access the workstation remotely from any geo location to contact the Test Lab admin, view the logs, and perform/request debugging.

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The Lab helped set up an efficient QA environment, which would allow conducting automatic product testing without an engineer’s direct participation, while delivering reliable high-performance products to the market. The testing service helps flash engineers verify the quality of the developed firmware early in the process, obtain the results within one business day, and fine-tune the end-product before it goes live.