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Mobile Solution for Samsung Smart TV Distribution System

Supports subscription-based access to a selection of movies, allows browsing through the video library

Solution Video streaming mobile app
Industry Media and Entertainment
Engagement model

Fixed Price



  • Senior Android Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Mobile GUI Designer
  • Project Manager



Samsung required a service provider with strong front-end design experience to meet particular graphic guidelines, and a certain technical competence to implement the back-end functionality.

Softeq had earned a reputation of a development company with a strong UI design and mobile development expertise capable of delivering on the promise.


Softeq created a fully functional prototype of the app for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note II, thus targeting the multimillion army of the Samsung fans.

The application supports subscription-based access to the movies delivered by a media distribution network in a variety of formats driven by Android and provides for the following capabilities:

  • Browsing through the video library, ranging from movies to series to cartoons
  • Viewing details on a movie of choice
  • Watching trailers or movies
  • Searching across the library by movie title, actor or director name
  • Adding/removing an item to/from the favorites
  • Profile and subscription management

Some of the app features called for extra brainwork and skills. Thus the team realized asynchronous data streaming fed from a server, which brings timely updates to the userโ€™s display without blank screen interruptions thanks to caching.

On the visual side, the standard player skin was changed to strictly comply with the graphic style elaborated by Samsung for the given project.


The fully functional prototype was delivered on time and on budget, ready for demonstration.