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Softeq’s team executed extensive R&D and analysis to ensure the innovative IoT product the client plans to build is a success. The smart collar is a multi-sensor wearable device that leverages advanced technology to monitor dog's location, fitness activity and behavior, and helps prevent car accidents and stray.

The team is underway to start full-cycle development of the innovative solution bringing together hardware and software engineering, enclosure design, as well as web and mobile development (on Xamarin).

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“I developed a concept for the Internet of Things […] and I was trying to find specific skills set. So, I set up to find a company to work with that could bring together both hardware engineering, software engineering, creative design, web development, mobile development, — all in one place.I interviewed a ton of companies in my search, and when I came across Softeq I was immediately impressed with their professionalism and their customer list. My sense from Softeq’s genuine level of interest and enthusiasm for the project is that they really got it, […] they leaned in a big way to understand the market place, understand the competitive landscape, the specific requirements of what would differentiate my product from others. And it’s been a very collaborative process. I’ve been impressed with every member of the team that I’ve worked with — it’s been a fantastic experience.”

Terry Anderton
Serial Entrepreneur,
WAGZ project

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