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Smart Dog Collar

Precise pet activity monitoring and safety control

  • Hardware
  • Embedded
  • Custom Software
  • Mobile
  • Web
Solution Wearable tech solution for controlling dog's activities
Industry Consumer Electronics
Engagement Model T&M (time and materials)
Methodology Agile
  • Hardware team
  • Embedded team
  • Mobile development team
  • Web development team
  • UX/UI team



Softeq’s team executed extensive R&D and analysis to ensure the innovative IoT product the client plans to build is a success. The smart collar is a multi-sensor wearable device that leverages advanced technology to monitor dog's location, fitness activity and behavior, and helps prevent car accidents and stray.

The solution's functional components include a GPS module, step counter, and a built-in microphone-speaker combo, which allows pet owners to issue voice commands remotely.

Softeq is on the mass production stage of full-cycle development of the innovative smart collar.

The solution brings together hardware and software engineering, enclosure design, as well as mobile (Xamarin) and web (AngularJS among others) development skills of our team.

In addition, Softeq’s team executed extensive R&D and analysis to make sure our customer’s idea was feasible. 

  • Embedded Linux
  • IMX6 platform for camera module
  • GPS/geo-location tracking
  • 4-leg step counter tracks daily fitness activity
  • Car lights detection and LED warning flash blink
  • Barking detection algorithm
  • Captures dog’s sounds and stream owner’s voice from the smartphone over the web to a speaker embedded in the collar
  • AWS IoT integrated (MQTT protocol)