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Developing a Startup’s Smart Dog Collar from the Ground Up

Precise pet activity monitoring and safety control

The client is a startup that manufactures connected pet products.

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Wagz worked on an innovative smart collar used by pet owners to monitor and control their dogs. The company needed a partner that could handle the full-cycle development of the device.



The Softeq team provided a solution that brings together a host of in-house development skills including hardware and software engineering and enclosure design, as well as mobile (Xamarin) and web (AngularJS) programming. In addition, we executed extensive R&D and analysis to ensure the success of the client’s innovative IoT product.

The solution’s functional components are:

  • GPS module
  • Step counter
  • Built-in microphone-speaker combo, which allows pet owners to issue voice commands remotely

Optional add-on:

  • Camera mounted on a collar that streams video to a user's smartphone

The main solution features include:

  • Embedded Linux
  • IMX6 platform for the camera module
  • GPS/geo-location tracking
  • A Geofence setting
  • 4-leg step counter that tracks daily fitness activity
  • Car light detection and a flashing LED warning light
  • A barking detection algorithm
  • Capturing live audio and streaming the owner's voice via smartphone to an embedded speaker
  • AWS IoT integrated (MQTT protocol)

Engaged for full-cycle development of the innovative smart collar, Softeq is currently in the mass production stage.

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Terry Anderton — 
Serial Entrepreneur, WAGZ project

My sense from Softeq’s genuine level of interest and enthusiasm for the project is that they really got it. They leaned in a big way to understand the market place, understand the competitive landscape, the specific requirements of what would differentiate my product from others.


Softeq developed the smart collar—a multi-sensor wearable device that leverages advanced technology to monitor a dog's location, fitness activity, and behavior. It can also help prevent car accidents and straying by limiting their walking area through a virtual fence.