Mobile App and Web Portal for Medication Management

Pharmacy-to-door delivery and medication intake control

Case Highlights

In 5 months, the startup was able to bring to market a medical system for patients with chronic diseases that ensures a non-disruptive medication process.
  • Door-to-door delivery of medicine
  • Medication intake reminder scheduling
  • Tracking of prescription expiration dates
  • Prescription ordering from a doctor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and the Swiss Data Protection Act
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DoryHealth is a Swiss startup founded by two biochemists. They wanted to create a medical system for patients with chronic diseases. One of the problems chronic patients face is to follow the medication schedule exactly. Half of them do not take medication as prescribed. In Europe, 200,000 of them die each year. The rest of them risk serious health complications.

DoryHealth came up with an idea to make a service that would enable a non-disruptive medication process. This includes medication delivery directly to the patient’s home with intake control and prescription tracking. They turned to Softeq to augment their in-house team with experts in web and mobile development.


System for Medication Delivery and Intake Control

People needing to take medicine on a regular basis face additional inconveniences in their everyday life. In some cases, missing a dose can lead to dire consequences. This becomes even more difficult when the list of medications is long. Besides regular visits to the doctor for their prescriptions, they also need to go to the pharmacy to get them filled. If the required medication is not available, they have to return at another time.

DoryGo is a service for delivering medication directly to the patient’s home. It also reminds the patient to take medication on time by sending a notification to a smartphone with a request to confirm medication intake.

How It Works

The system consists of three main components: a web portal for a pharmacist, a mobile app for a patient, and a blister—a box with organized medications for one week.

This is how it works:

1. A patient signs up for the service.

2. Then, they upload a photo of the prescription through the app and send the original by post.

3. A pharmacist receives the order through the web portal, fills the blister with required medications, and sends it to the patient.

4. The blister is delivered to the patient’s home.

5. By this time, the mobile app already contains the medication schedule.

From the first intake day, it will remind the patient to take the medication at the right time.Medications will be delivered automatically for the duration of the prescription.

Web Portal for Pharmacists

The web portal helps pharmacists manage medication deliveries. Before filling a blister with medicine, the pharmacist enters information about each medication into the system according to the prescription. Once it’s done, the system generates a list of medications for the week. The pharmacist fills the blister, prints a sticker with medication names and doses, and sticks it on the backside. Now the blister is ready for shipment. After delivery, the patient will automatically receive intake reminders at the scheduled time.

Mobile App for Patients

Tracking medication intake. The mobile app sends the user notifications based on the medication plan. The user has three options to react to the notification—confirm, reject, or postpone. Each reaction will be saved. If necessary, the users can show the intake history to their physicians. 

Medication overview. In the mobile app, users also get an overview of all their medications including data on how and when to take it. They can also make a request to remove a medication by providing a doctor’s confirmation.

Requesting new prescriptions. If a prescription is about to expire, the app will notify a patient in advance. They can request a new one using a pre-prepared email template that will be sent to their physician. The patient can send the original document to the pharmacy by post using a prepaid shipment.

Ste­phan Gath — 
CEO, DoryHealth AG

"We found Softeq online and chose them over their competitors for their excellent customer service. They showed insight into the best solutions for us as a startup, so we were confident that they'd provide quality service to us."

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DoryGo Is Out on the Market

The resulting solution DoryGo minimizes patients' visits to the pharmacy, saving their time. The mobile app can also literally save their lives by reminding them to take medications. 

Five months after the project started, the system entered the market and is now available for users in Germany and Switzerland. In the future, the customer plans to complement the solution with an IoT-enabled blister that would automatically register medication intake.