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Telemedicine Solution for Remote Patient Monitoring

R&D for successful hardware and software implementation

A software solutions provider wanted to develop a telecare system for lonely elderly people. This system would track their health, detecting emergencies and lifestyle changes in real time.

Case Highlights

Softeq delivered a detailed plan for the implementation of a feature-rich multi-component telecare solution. The complete solution would consist of a wearable device, smartphone, mobile app, and host unit.
  • Performs network-based phone location, tracks health state
  • Alerts caregivers through phone calls, SMS, and social media notifications
  • Performs remote management of apps installed on handheld devices
  • Tracks the smartphone battery and host unit’s charge level 
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The client tasked Softeq with R&D activity for the entire telecare solution architecture. The system encompassed a wearable device, smartphone, mobile app, and host unit.

To achieve its objectives, the client requested that we roll out a comprehensive roadmap for developing all the solution components.



Softeq analyzed the clients’ requirements, expectations, and ideas based on experience in the field and similar systems available on the market. As a result, the team created a detailed implementation plan. The complete solution would consist of several functionally connected units: a wearable device, a smartphone, a mobile app, and a host unit.

Wearable Device

We suggested releasing a sensor-enabled bracelet for tracking the health state and location of an elderly person whose health conditions require continuous monitoring.

Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting

Upon detecting a sudden change in monitored health parameters (a falling or a jerking movement) the device would instantly have a connected phone call to a family member, a friend, or a nurse. Simultaneously, the primary caregiver would be alerted via an SMS or a notification through social media.  

Created to enable ongoing health state monitoring, the solution would generate reports based on the data collected through sensors and transmitted via smartphone to the server.

Remote Smartphone Management

The caregivers would be able to set up the phone and manage the apps installed on the handheld device remotely to remove the pressure of dealing with the high tech from their elderly relatives. The smartphone would be preinstalled with the following apps:

  • Call Manager
  • Message Manager
  • SOS button
  • Health
  • Picture Gallery
  • Alarm Clock
  • Schedule Assistant
  • Weather
  • Camera
  • Explorer
  • Browser
  • Personal Profile

The solution would also be able to track the smartphone battery and host unit charge level, as well as perform network-based phone location.

Additional Software Functionality

Additionally, the software solution would log user smartphone related activities, including communication and content management along with settings modification, accelerometer and gyroscope use, as well as data transfer to cloud storage. The app would support Wi-Fi spot connectivity.

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Project Outcomes

Softeq introduced a detailed plan for implementation of a telecare solution that automatically and remotely monitors real-time emergencies and lifestyle changes of elderly people. The customer expected to reach 500,000 end-users after rolling out the solution.