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App for Smart Baby Products

Mobile App Development for AGU Baby

AGU Baby AG is our long-term customer from Switzerland that produces baby care products and medical equipment for home use.

Case Highlights

Softeq helped the client fix several issues affecting the performance of the IoT suite, which allows users to manage connected baby care products.
  • Smart user authentication
  • Multi-user Family Account access — up to 5 people
  • Improved data exchange and storage
  • Stable app-to-device connectivity
  • Improved geolocation accuracy
  • 300% increase in the number of active users
Project Information
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More Details


Some IoT AGU Baby AG products run on custom firmware and communicate with their mobile apps via BLE or Wi-Fi.

The client turned to Softeq to fix several issues affecting the performance and user experience of their IoT suite. The problems included inaccurate GPS positioning, an unstable app-to-device connection, and the lack of on-device data storage (which led to data loss).


IoT Suite Overhaul

During the first phase of the project, we addressed the issues affecting app-to-device connectivity and helped the client adjust the device’s firmware requirements to avoid similar problems in the future. We also fine-tuned data exchange and storage, improved geolocation accuracy, and revamped the mobile app interface and user flow.

Multi-Family Account

Initially, the AGU app was designed to only support single-user access. We re-wrote the source code to enable multi-user Family Account access for the iOS and Android apps.Now users can securely share baby data (growth records, feeding charts, and movement data including GPS coordinates) with family members, doctors, nurses, and any other interested party.

User Authentication

To prevent data loss, we implemented a new system of user authentication.


  • AGU Baby users could log in via an email and unique password, and several social networks.
  • When a user logged in via a social media account, the email associated with the social network profile automatically replaced the email the user account was registered with.
  • Another AGU Baby user profile was created, and there was no data synchronization between the new and original accounts.
  • AGU device settings and performance data from the original account were lost.


To avoid account duplication and prevent data loss, a unified user account was introduced:

  • Mandatory account set-up via an email address.
  • Option to link several social media accounts to a single AGU Baby user profile.
Extra Product Line Improvements

New Connected Products

Softeq also helped the client connect new devices to the IoT suite:

  • Brainy thermometer. Users can take temperature measurements from four different parts of the body. The thermometer automatically correlates infrared sensor readings with the associated body parts and sends the data to the mobile application, where parents can keep a detailed log of their child’s illness.
  • Updated AGU natural light lamp. Users can manage several lamps from right inside the app, rename the devices, and assign multiple lamps to a single account.
  • Smart nebulizer. Through the app, parents can monitor their child’s treatment history, including the duration of procedures, types of medications administered to their child, and their child’s current health condition. This information can be further shared with a family doctor. 
  • Smart toothbrush. The device will help parents teach their children to correctly brush their teeth all by themselves. They can control the results by receiving reports on the quality of brushing on their smartphone.
  • Smart humidifier. The device automatically controls the required humidity level in the room. In the app, parents can adjust the target spray and humidity range, control the backlight, and set up a sleep timer.

On the Path to Digital Transformation?

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Igor Account Manager
Consumer Electronics
Lutwin Schommer — 

Because of their excellent teamwork, we've achieved our goals. After the first six months of development, they had fixed the most important issues, doubled our audience, and increased the number of installations on both app stores … We feel secure having such a competent resource on our team.

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How Softeq Helped

By giving the AGU app a complete overhaul and adding new devices to the IoT suite, we helped the customer triple the number of app users. AGU and Softeq continue working on improvements and new connected baby care products, including next-generation infrared thermometers and a smart bedside lamp.

Agu Baby Case Study The current AGU IoT ecosystem.