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Client-Server Eye Scanning App for Identifying Drug Intoxication


The client is a healthcare security services provider. They developed the innovative idea of measuring pupil size to detect drug intoxication.

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The customer wanted to design a mobile solution for detecting drug use. The app would scan a person’s eye, measure their pupil size, and quickly analyze the results.

The solution targets a wide audience, from individuals to law enforcement, fulfilling the following use cases:

  • Testing office staff
  • Face control in entertainment venues
  • Checking suspects before detention or arrest
  • Testing on-duty police officers
  • Preventing drug use among children and adolescents, either at home or school

Softeq was asked to build an Android mobile solution and provide tech support up until the product launch on Google Play.



The app’s principal functionality is based on a custom pupil size detection algorithm. 

  • A mobile device with an activated camera scans the eye of the person until a picture is taken.  
  • As soon as the scan is captured, it is processed and analyzed. 
  • The app measures the size of the pupil on the scan and defines whether it corresponds to regular parameters (from 3.0 to 6.5 mm). 
  • The EyeScan mail server generates the result and immediately pushes it to the device’s screen informing the user if it is normal or abnormal.

The app’s monetization model is based on monthly subscriptions, allowing 60, 120, 300, 500, or an unlimited number of monthly scans. The app can also share results via email.

The product’s security is ensured by a three-step password adjustment procedure, as well as a user email check. The procedure is optional and can be skipped by the user if they choose not to employ it.

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