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Mobile App for Scheduling In-home Doctor Visits

Enables patients to request a house call at a convenient time, features professionals’ ratings and billing information

The client wanted to create a mobile app that allows users to conveniently request a visit from a healthcare provider.

Case Highlights

Softeq built a solution that helps patients to receive medical assistance without leaving their homes, while allowing healthcare providers to manage their workload by confirming/rejecting requests.
  • Supporting patients in creating/canceling requests for medical assistance
  • Calculating fees and issuing receipts 
  • Ensuring that only certified healthcare providers can offer their services through the app
  • Complying with the US Healthcare standards
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More Details


The client employed Softeq to build an Uber-like mobile application offering 24/7 house calls. It would help schedule a visit from a certified healthcare provider within a designated area.

The required app features had to include:

  • Healthcare provider ratings
  • Billing system
  • Secure environment for provider-patient interaction



The system comprises a cross-platform mobile app, admin portal, and promotional website. Its business logic is similar to that of Uber: when users require a visit from a medical professional in a particular field, the system searches for the nearest available healthcare provider. The solution complies with the US healthcare standards.

Mobile app

The app supports two user roles: a patient and a healthcare provider. To start using the application, a user has to create an account and fill out a personal profile.

From the user account, patients are able to generate medical assistance requests or cancel them, rate healthcare providers, and view visit history. Healthcare providers have an option to confirm or decline requests depending on their workload.

The app also incorporates a billing system that tracks the duration of the visit and charges patients a base fee and an additional fee afterwards on a per-minute basis.

The communication between the app and the server is secured via the SSL protocol. Additional security measures include role-based authentication, which prohibits users from taking actions outside a predefined client/patient scenario.

Web admin portal

The portal allows system administrators to create and manage accounts for healthcare organizations. The admins can also deny access to uncertified specialists or professionals with low ratings.

Promo website

Softeq built a promotional website to help OBUR Health maximize its online presence.


Location identification

If an app is running in the background, iOS doesn’t allow the app to track a user’s location. To get around this restriction, the Softeq team enabled the solution to locate the user when the app is launched.

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