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OburHealth PA


The client was inspired by an idea of providing remote medical services. Intended for non-emergency cases, solution was supposed to have an Uber-like business logic. The goal for the project was to obtain a full-blown system to be launched to the US market.

To handle the challenge of a full-cycle development, the client was after an experienced outsourced team. As far as the future solution was planned as a system containing mobile and web parts, the customer considered subject-matter expertise in mobile and web software engineering as the main choice criterion.

Softeq’s portfolio of related projects was a decisive advantage during the selection process. The team recently delivered several solutions for healthcare, such as sensor-rich smart sleeper and a roadmap for multiplatform emergency app. Softeq also developed and managed up to the stores a couple of Uber-like apps, including a multiplatform solution for transportation companies.


The system is meant to help users in need of healthcare services request a home visit. The medical stuff involved in the project includes only board certified specialists having the following credentials: Registered Nurse, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Physician or Physician Assistant.

Softeq developed a solution that enables adults, children, and seniors book a 24/7 available medical and nursing care assistance at home.

The system comprises a mobile iOS app, admin portal, and website. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Mode of Functioning

The solution’s business logic is similar to Uber’s. When a user requires a visit from a specific medical professional, he/she initiates the system to search for the nearest available healthcare provider.

Mobile App

The app is intended for both patients and healthcare providers. To start using the app, both patients and nurse practitioners should create an account and fill out a personal profile.

From the user account, patients are able to generate medical assistance requests or cancel them, rate health care providers, and view history. The nurse practitioners have an option to confirm or decline requests depending on their workload.

Web Admin Portal

The portal enables system administrators to create accounts for nurse practitioners. The admins can also deny access to uncertified specialists or professionals with low ratings.


The website demonstrates the system’s functionality and enables users to download the app.


The patient is charged a per-minute fee based on the actual session duration.


To protect the API from a man-in-the middle attack where an intruder breaks in to access private information, Softeq employed the SSL protocol. The team utilized an SHA-256 algorithm along with password encryption to hash user credentials and ensure that no one would restore them.

To enable users to access only allowed API endpoints, Softeq opted for the role based authentication, so that the users can only take actions within a predefined client/patient scenario. Encrypted with MD5 algorithm, the JSON Web Token helps keep login data confidential and securely transmit it between the system’s parties.


If an iOS app runs in the background, the operating system doesn’t allow it to track a user’s location. To override this restriction, Softeq’s team enabled the solution to locate the user at the app’s launch.


The solution has successfully passed the acceptance testing. The app is now available on the App Store.

The customer was impressed with Softeq’s mobile and web engineering capabilities along with the level of the team’s responsiveness. During the implementation stage, the team was constantly up for the challenge of developing new features and deploying code reviews. The major priority for the team was to bring the solution in line with client’s requirements, that’s why Softeq did it’s best to respond to the client’s requests without delays.

Plans for future releases include implementing FaceTime video calling and built-in payment capabilities. The client also considers Android and Apple Watch versions of the app.

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