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Unity3D App Development Services

We provide Unity development services to create solutions for a varied fields of application: games, 3D interfaces for architecture design, virtual environments for arts, educational software & games, and true-to-life visualizations for architecture and manufacturing.

10+ YEARS Providing Unity development services
2M+ Total game downloads
50+ Successfully completed projects with Unity
10K+ Developer hours invested yearly
Team breakdown
  • Senior engineers

Key Unity Technology Competence

  • Cross Platform Mobile Games / Interactive Experiences

    Unity for Desktop, iOS, Android, Web

  • XR Frameworks

    ARKit & ARCore, Vuforia, Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit, Steam VR

  • Backend Frameworks / Services

    Playerio, Photon, Custom .NET-based solutions, Amazon Web Services

  • Analytical Frameworks / Services

    Amplitude, Devtodev, Gameanalytics, Facebook Analytics, Fabric, Firebase

  • Ad Integration


  • Push Notifications


  • Testing & Deployment


  • Publishing & IAP Integration

    App Store, Google Play, Facebook, Amazon

How We Work

Dedicated Development Team

For medium and long-term projects, we will put together a dedicated Unity development team of skilled software engineers with relevant expertise.


Flexible Engagement Possibilities

We provide flexible engagement options depending on your requirements, project complexity and budget. Given your specific needs it could be a Dedicated Development Team, Fixed Price, Time & Materials, or a mixed model.


Full-Stack Development Capabilities

With our full-stack development expertise, we are able to combine Unity3D with other technologies to deliver a more effective solution and bring more value to your business.

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Jeremy Chief Sales Officer

Single Code, Multiple Application Areas

Softeq’s Unity development team is set to bring your solution to multiple platforms with a single code base. That means it will run on major operating systems and a wide range of devices. Apart from employing the engine’s game development capabilities, we know how to harness it for building 3D interfaces for architecture design, virtual environments for arts, educational software, and true-to-life visualizations for architecture and manufacturing.

We employ Unity’s in-built tools to substantially cut the time to release and deliver advanced rendering, an immersive AR/VR experience, and well-oiled physics. Shortening our release timeframe helps us expand the target application areas of the solutions we develop.

Unity Game Development Services

Softeq has 10+ years of experience in Unity game design and development. Our Unity game development experts know how to implement complex game mechanics and features, create special effects, and develop in-app purchase models. Softeq’s Unity game development team implements game apps for mobile devices, consoles like OUYA and Shield, as well as desktop PCs.

We can also help you create your game from scratch. Our specialists will assist you in all phases from target audience analysis to Unity game design, prototyping and development to regular feature updates.

Unity3D and Web Technologies

The Softeq Web Development Team has accumulated 15 years of expertise building robust web backends. Today, our software architects are well-versed in creating complex business logic and immersive UX. Hand in hand with the Unity3D professionals, our web software engineers are set to build visually appealing full-scale web-based solutions like:

  • Cloud-based location tracking web apps for parking service, drone delivery, sports events, and emergency services
  • Web backends
  • In-app purchase models
  • Data visualization web apps for public utilities, meteorological and scientific centers
  • Servers
  • Ad frameworks

Coupling Unity App Development with Vuforia Developer Capabilities

We use Vuforia technology to get your Augmented Reality solution up and running. Combining it with our Unity mobile development competence, Softeq can build astounding 3D experiences for a comprehensive suite of major iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, and digital eyewear. 

Our team got their hands on a range of AR/VR digital sets at their release, including Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition, ODG R-7, and Epson Moverio BT-200. Now that they are compatible with Vuforia, our software engineers can join the forces of Unity3D and Vuforia to generate a range of Computer Vision capabilities for your solution: advanced app performance, enhanced rendering and camera pipelines, marker-based tracking, object, image, and text recognition.