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NVIDIA, a world’s leading manufacturer of graphics processing units, as well as system on a chip units for the mobile computing market.


As a long-standing partner of NVIDIA, Softeq was engaged to update visual experience of the company’s live game themed wallpapers created to promote NVIDIA’s brand.

The app featured animated scenes from a popular multiplayer first-person shooter video game Titanfall, a PC game that can be streamed to SHIELD™, NVIDIA’s high-performance Android gaming handheld.

The app was created to facilitate exposure of NVIDIA’s brand at large and promote the company’s graphics card product range among the game fans.


The animated app targets Tegra and Android tablet users and is packed with impressive visual effects:

  • 3D parallax background with moving particles featuring fire, sparks, smoke, and more
  • Landscape and portrait image orientations available for tablets
  • Spaceships slowly drifting across the sky
  • Tap-triggered titan headlamps

Additionally, Tegra 3 (and higher) users can enjoy an extra set of effects available exclusively on Tegra-powered devices:

  • Day to night transition featuring the night scene from Titanfall
  • Tap-triggered titan fall with the possibility to indicate the impact point

The wallpapers are implemented using Unity to achieve maximum visual effects optimization, high quality of the graphics and advanced performance.


Successfully updated, the wallpaper app is now available for download on Google Play runnable on Android tablets and Tegra-enabled devices.

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Visual Effect Packed App for Android and Tegra-enabled Devices | Softeq


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