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Unity-based 3D Avatar Creation System for eCommerce


Wain Plus is an online commerce company dealing with tech products for gamers, fitness and technology enthusiasts.

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The client sought to prototype an online 3D avatar creation tool designed as a part of their new offering.

The prototype of the web application was supposed to allow creating a custom avatar based on the user’s appearance and modifying it according to the user parameters. Users’ avatars could later be purchased, 3D-printed, and shipped.

The scope of work included: 

  • Full-cycle front-end development and tuning of the avatar customization system
  • Building of an app, which would process users’ mock-ups 
  • Ensuring smooth integration with a 3D printer

The work was to be done in coordination with other development teams, requiring synchronization and good management skills from our developers.



To enable users to create and buy their 3D avatars online, our Unity team integrated two modules into the solution.

  • The first one ensures the creation process.
  • The other transmits avatar mock-ups through a web server and redirects users to the product page of an online store where they can buy it.

The 3D avatar creation application serves as a core element of the solution, which sets the appearance parameters in respective UI fields

  • Customization Options: while creating an avatar, the user chooses from a number of options within 9 appearance parameters, including gender, eye color, head, mouth, nose, pants, dress and shoe type, and optionally a mask or sunglasses.
  • Preview: changes in the avatar’s appearance settings can be seen immediately in the field where the future avatar’s picture is positioned, applying zoom if needed.
  • Character ID: after typing in the avatar’s ID, the user can choose to buy their mock-ups.

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