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Wain Plus is an eCommerce company offering a wide range of novel products targeting gamers, fitness enthusiasts, tinkers, crafters, and technology enthusiasts.


The client required a team of specialists having a proven expertise in Unity3D development and software prototyping, along with strong skills in web technologies. High quality of the service was a requirement, as the client sought to prototype an online 3D avatar creation tool designed as a part of their new offering.

Softeq was to deliver a prototype of a web app allowing the user to create a custom 3D avatar that can be later purchased, 3D-printed and shipped. Our team was responsible for carrying out complete front-end development and tuning of the avatar customization system to allow modifying the characters appearance according to the parameters set by the user. The scope of our team’s work also included the development of an app processing users’ mock-ups and uploading them to the 3D printer.


The solution comprises two integrated modules enabling users to create and buy their 3D avatars online. The first one is responsible directly for the creation process, while the second transmits avatar mock-ups through a web server and redirects users to the product page in the Internet shop where they can buy it. When the payment procedure is completed, the buyers’ mock-ups come processed by a 3D printer, and the printed models are sent to their creators’ mailing addresses.

Being the core component of the solution, 3D avatar creation app serves for setting the appearance parameters within three separate fields offered in the UI, including the following ones:

  • Customization Options: while creating their avatars, the user is offered to choose from a number of options within 9 appearance parameters, including gender, eye color, head, mouth, nose, pants, dress and shoes type, and mask or sunglasses — either put on or not.
  • Preview: making changes in the avatar’s appearance settings, one can immediately see the result of his or her actions in the field where the future avatar’s figurine is positioned, applying zoom if needed.
  • Character ID: after typing in the avatar’s ID, the user can choose to buy their mock-ups.



As our team was not the only one involved with the project, the necessity to regularly synchronize with the rest of specialists working on the solution’s development caused some time lags. Above all, several critical code changes they made affected our work, resulting in scope and estimation adjustments.


The project was implemented sequentially employing the Waterfall development method.


Although the app’s code underwent several changes, our team managed to meet the deadline delivering the prototype with all required functionality in place.

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