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Developing Apps with a Digital Multiplex (DMX) Console Functionality

A mobile one-stop lighting equipment management dashboard

The client is a lighting equipment manufacturer. They had an idea for using a mobile app as a lighting controller.

Project Information
Engagement model

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Objective C Developer


Android Developer


QA Engineer

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Gantom engaged Softeq to develop an app for iOS and Android to manage a range of connected lighting devices.

The solution would allow iPhone and Android devices to be used as DMX control units. Our team had to make sure that the app could configure a network of up to 512 DMX-compatible lighting products.



The solution allows individual set-up of each lighting device in the network for specific properties, e.g. brightness, color, special effect, etc. The app performs data exchange between the smartphone and the lighting devices, which are connected with a cable plugged into the phone’s audio port. By manipulating the audio stream in real time, the app produces RS-485 serial interface signals to communicate with the lighting fixture.

Software and Technology
Quan Gan — 
Owner, Gantom Lighting & Controls

They allowed me to do more high level work while Softeq actually worked on the implementation. Being able to develop a mobile app version with the hardware programmer we used before was a tremendous win for us.

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Margarita Account Manager


The DMX Console provides better control of each individual lighting device in the network, while affording the convenience of one-stop equipment orchestration on the move.