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Gantom’s DMX Console

A mobile one-stop lighting equipment management dashboard

Solution Lightning equipment management app for iOS and Android
Industry Software and Technology
Engagement Model T&M (time and materials)
Methodology Waterfall
  • Objective C Developer
  • Android Developer
  • QA Engineer



Gantom engaged Softeq to develop an iOS and Android app that would allow managing a range of connected lighting devices. The app was to enable users to configure a network of DMX compatible lighting products (up to 512) using iPhone and Android devices instead of a DMX control unit.


The solution allows individual set-up of each lighting device in the network for specific properties, e.g. brightness, color, special effect, etc. The app performs data exchange between the smartphone and the lighting devices, which are connected with a cable plugged into the phone’s audio port. By manipulating the audio stream in real time, the app produces RS-485 serial interface signals to communicate with the lighting fixture.


The DMX Console provides better control of each individual lighting device in the network, while affording the convenience of one-stop equipment orchestration on the move.