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Multiplatform Mobile and Desktop Add-ins for a Major Messenger

In-app view of TripAdvisor listings

The client is a major provider of telecommunications app software. The company wanted to add TripAdvisor listings to its telecom app. The client needed a partner that could build mobile and desktop software from scratch.

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The customer turned to Softeq to develop mobile and desktop add-ins for its telecom app. The solution would enable an in-app view of TripAdvisor listings with no need to use a browser.

The Softeq team had to design and build the UI from scratch. We also used the customer’s SDK to integrate the solution with the TripAdvisor API.



The solution was intended as part of a large text and video chat ecosystem on the customer side. The client required that the software be accessible across 40 regions worldwide.

Softeq handled a full-cycle development of the mobile and desktop add-in software for the telecom app. The team designed and built the UI from scratch, employed the customer’s SDK, and integrated the solution with the TripAdvisor API. By means of internationalization and localization, Softeq adapted the software so that it could be used worldwide.

 The add-ins enable an in-app view of the TripAdvisor listings, with no need to quit the chat app and use a browser.


Softeq designed a neat ReactJS-powered architecture, which does not employ redundant components and libraries. The team refused using Flux patterns and Redux library, and opted for Lodash utilities. This helped improve the solution’s performance and reduce the tech support time.

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Softeq implemented the new tooling into the client’s text and video communication app’s ecosystem. Currently, the customer is on a new scope of work that features a custom chat bot for a messaging app.