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An expert for large, nationwide digital signage networks, as well as intelligent visitor information systems and comprehensive visitor management solutions for international trade fairs and events.


The client wanted to improve his trade fair leads tracking app by adding high performance QR recognition from visitor business cards.

Softeq, standing out for a proven track record of building highly useful and efficient mobile apps fitting a wide range of use-cases — from game and entertainment to enterprise mobility and wearable devices, was able to demonstrate it had the required strong technological background and expertise in mobile application development.

The client wanted the app to provide improved customer experience through an easy-to-use UI, higher scanning speed, and multi-language support, to mention a few. The customer also expected the app to run on iOS and Android devices.

To meet the above requirements, Softeq suggested using Xamarin as the underlying technology. A still novel framework, it has gained wide popularity among the programming community.

Some of the compelling advantages Xamarin provides are:

  • Development speed-up and optimization
  • Apps native by look & feel, function, and performance
  • Streamlined app packaging and distribution


Aimed at trade fair and conference attendees, the mobile app allows storing and tracking trade fair leads on a user’s smartphone by scanning their admission tickets’ QR code. The app requires a smartphone with a camera and an Internet connection.

The app’s functional parts include:

  • QR-scanner
  • User Interface
  • Integration module based on the client's server API
  • Administration server


To launch the app for the first time, the user is required to unlock the program using a personal license barcode provided as a PDF file or printout from the trade fair organizer. To access the scanned data, which is stored on the customer's server, the user has to enter the admin password.


Extended PMBOK — provides a balanced approach to managing software projects across the life cycle continuum from highly predictive life cycles (PMBOK® Guide) to highly adaptive life cycles (Agile).


Enhanced with an easy-to-follow interfacing routine, the Xamarin-driven app provides for optimized data capture, management and synchronization. Besides demonstrating functional performance and streamlined user experience, the leads tracking app makes an efficient sales and marketing tool that helps maximize the return of an event attendance.

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