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Android Assistive Listening and Captioning App

Access to the attraction content and supplementary information for people with vision and hearing impairments


Android Assistive Listening and Captioning App


Software and Technology

Engagement model

Fixed Price


Classical waterfall with several deliveries (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, RC)

  • Android Developers
  • Project Manager
  • QA Engineer



The client intended to upgrade its assistive listening and captioning enabled device used in numerous entertainment locations worldwide. Created in cooperation with Softeq over a decade ago, the solution had run its course, hit the ceiling on its scalability, and the hardware it was built for had also become obsolete.

The client engaged Softeq to develop a more modern version of the outdated software, created to run on an Android device.


The solution consists of software operating on a third-party, custom-made, ruggedized, handheld device, based on Android. The device is equipped with additional custom hardware required to support the assistive technology functions. It is designed to enhance the experience of visiting amusement and entertainment venues for people with vision and hearing impairments. The solution provides access to the attraction content and supplementary information.

The application supports automatic playback of audio (e.g. mp3 files, FM broadcasting) and text (e.g. captions) content in several foreign languages, including Asian languages, depending on the user’s location within a venue.


The solution is intended for use at all of the customer’s worldwide entertainment locations, visited by millions of multinational guests annually.