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Cross-Platform Car Buying App with a CRM-like Back End

Allows buyers to choose a new or used car, features a VPN check tool

KelCar is an American car dealership. The company has created a platform that helps users buy cars from dealers.

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The client turned to Softeq with a request to create a mobile application for their dealer platform.

The solution will provide buyers with a convenient vehicle selection tool. Our team also had to integrate the application with third-party services on the front end and back end.



The Xamarin-driven app targets potential vehicle buyers and is designed to provide an end-to-end purchasing experienceโ€”from car selection to finalizing the purchase.

The app allows the buyer to:

  • Choose a new or a used car
  • Assess trade-in options for an existing car
  • Check for rebates and calculate the final purchasing price
  • Check the available payment options
  • Scan the VIN code or driver license
  • Check the insurance options
  • Submit a purchase request
  • Communicate with Sales Managers
  • Generate a worksheet with all the deal-pertinent details
  • Finalize the purchase order

The app communicates with the web back end, which has been functionally upgraded to work as a CRM tool enabling sales managers to process buyer requests more efficiently. The web system is integrated with a number of 3rd-party solutions, including AIS Rebates, and DealerSocket dealer management system, among others.

The team carried out extensive customization of the 3rd party systems to match the customer's unique business needs.

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Igor Account Manager


The resulting solution facilitates the car selection process for buyers while eliminating the stress associated with negotiating deals and processing the necessary paperwork. The solution also helps dealers close deals faster thanks to automated workflows and the immediate availability of all relevant critical information.