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iOS App for Valet Parking Services

Convenient mobile booking and payment on the go

The client is a startup offering on-demand parking and valet services. The company wanted to create a mobile app to make booking valet parking more user-friendly and convenient.

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The client addressed Softeq to develop an iOS app for valet parking services. The solution would allow users to conveniently find valet parking and book the service on the go. The appโ€™s features had to include:

  • Using Apple Maps to locate the nearest valet parking services
  • Providing detailed information on available parking locations
  • Navigating to a selected valet pick-up point 



The solution provides for the following features:

  • Locating the nearest valet parking services using Apple Maps
  • Providing detailed information on available parking locations
  • GPS routing to a selected valet pickup location
  • Generating QR code to scan for checking in and out of the secure parking area
  • Sending push notifications to a selected valet to schedule the car delivery
  • Writing off the amount of fee from a user account through Braintree payment platform

The secure SSL protocol provides authentication and confidentiality in communication between two hosts and enables safe information transfer.

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The application we delivered was uploaded to the App Store. After the release, we provided solution enhancementsโ”usability improvements and app updates to meet the latest iOS versions.