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RFID-based Asset Tracking Solution for Warehouses

Smart system to automate inventory tracking

Solution Custom asset tracking solution
Industry Media and Entertainment
Engagement Model Fixed price
Methodology Waterfall
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Firmware Engineer
  • Project Manager



Christie Lites is a North American business that rents lighting equipment to media companies, theatres, and individuals organizing corporate and social events. As an owner of multiple warehouses where lighting equipment is stored, Christie Lites needed a smart system to automate inventory tracking.


Softeq delivered a custom asset tracking solution based on the embedded TCP/IP stack:

  • We equipped each item in a warehouse with customized active RFID tags, which communicate with beacons installed across the warehouse perimeter
  • Once in an hour, the tags send data packets containing unique identifiers through a radio bearer to the local network of beacons
  • The beacons transmit the information on the equipment status to the client’s server via an Ethernet connection

This way, Christie Lites employees get up-to-date information on equipment availability.

The interaction between different parts of the asset tracking system is based on the following protocols:

  • Wireless connection protocol, which sends data from tags to beacons via radio bearers
  • Beacon internal protocol, which transmits data from the beacon radio module to the beacon network module via UART
  • Ethernet protocol, which sends data from the beacon network module to the client’s server


Our team went on to extend the tags’ durability to up to ten years and stabilized radio frequency performance in warehouses with metal storage shelves and wire screens.


The team completed the hardware design and development phase and delivered a fully functioning prototype within the designated timeline. Once the solution has been tested onsite, it will be scheduled for mass production.