Desktop App for a Photo Scanner

Analog photo scanning with image optimization algorithms

Solution Desktop software for a scanner
Industry Consumer Electronics
Engagement Model Fixed Price
Methodology Waterfall
  • Software Engineers
  • Team Lead
  • Business Analyst
  • QA Engineers
  • Project Manager


Case Highlights

Softeq developed a desktop app for an Epson photo scanner. The software enables fast processing of analog photos using unique algorithm-based red-eye reduction technology.

  • Automatic installation
  • Scanning multiple photos at once
  • Fast image processing and enhancement
  • Automatic red-eye reduction
  • 70% accuracy for 300 dpi photo scans regardless of photo orientation, head position and eye shape
  • Upload to Google Drive and Dropbox, sharing to social media


Epson was looking to augment its new product with a desktop application, which would allow users to digitize large amounts of photographs at once and upload the images to a personal gallery (locally or in the cloud).


Desktop App

The team created a desktop app that automatically installs on a PC once the scanner is connected to the computer. With the app, users can scan multiple photos (up to 30 items per batch) and upload them to a designated hard drive, cloud storage service (Google, Dropbox), or social media network (Facebook).

Key Features

Softeq implemented a set of features to enable fast analog photo processing and more convenient image management in line with the latest UX trends.

  • Automatically installs the device driver, FastFoto, and other designated Epson software
  • Scans photos (by batches up to 30 items per load), uploads them to custom-named  folders, and assigns a unique name to each file
  • Allows for automatic (upon scanning) and manual image enhancement, color restoration, and red-eye effect reduction

Red-eye Effect Reduction Tool

The resulting solution displays 70% accuracy for 300 dpi photo scans, regardless of the photo orientation, head position, and subject’s eye shape.

To implement the required image processing functionality, the team developed three algorithms supporting:

  • Photo enhancement
  • Color restoration
  • Red-eye effect reduction

There are no other automatic red-eye reduction image retouching algorithms on the market with the same functionality as FastFoto. Implementing this was the most challenging task in the project, involving two main subtasks: detecting and isolating red pupils in photos, and creating an accurate mask to match the affected area in order to autofill it with an appropriate color.

How the red-eye effect removal tool works


System Enhancements

Satisfied with the end result, Epson released the device with our accompanying software to the market.

Compared to scanning photos on a flatbed scanner, which can take a significant amount of time, or sending photos out to a costly scanning service, the complete scanning system offers a fast, easy, and affordable solution for preserving and sharing a family’s legacy.