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Multi Utility Application for Windows

Better PC protection & easier optimization capabilities for SME users

SOlution Multi utility system application for Windows
Industry Software and Technology
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Fixed Price



  • .NET Developers
  • QA Engineers
  • UX Designer
  • Designer
  • Project Manager



The client required a service provider with a profound software engineering background and Microsoft technologies expertise. The team was to create a hardware-specific software app for Windows OS that would facilitate small business users with no dedicated IT staff in managing security and performance issues on their PCs driven by the customer’s technology.


The solution enables users to schedule machine start and shut-down at a designated time, check for Windows Update, back up data, execute disk defragmentation, delete temporary Internet files and cookies, as well as restrict access to USB ports on a given PC.

The app also launches several utilities to secure improved machine performance:

  • RAID array management utility — enables monitoring and managing RAID arrays in the MS Windows environment
  • Video streaming utility — facilitates faster, non-interrupted online viewing experience by prioritizing Internet data streams
  • WiFi Display utility — allows connecting an additional display or manage content output on several screens without using a video interface cable


The team managed to achieve stable performance of the app on the required Windows OS versions (7, 8, 8.1). The solution is ready for launch on the customer’s support site.