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  • Windows
  • C++
  • Mac


A leading sports and action camera manufacturer.


Softeq already proved its engineering strength to the customer during a previous collaboration with one of their divisions in the U.S. Drawing on the success of this engagement, another customer’s unit decided to tap Softeq’s software engineering skills in a project requiring both low-level programming expertise and high-level software development experience — something Softeq exactly stands out for.

The team was to implement a cross-platform library that would underlie the functionality of a Windows/MAC based desktop app to operate with the sports and action camera produced by the customer. The software was to enable uploading media files from the device to several social networks.


The solution, implemented as a C++ library compatible with the customer’s API, performs a background upload of media files to a user account on Facebook or YouTube, while displaying the upload progress with the possibility to cancel or pause data transfer.


To perform social media integration, the team had to deal with HTTPS REST API. Pressed for time due to customer’s internal software release schedule that might have affected their production units’ operation, Softeq’s team had to swiftly dip into the technology, identify limitations (YouTube’s library doesn’t officially support Windows OS), and find workarounds by creating wrappers and helpers — all within a week’s time.


The solution relies on the HTTPS protocol, which is employed to encrypt the connection and is realized by either of the integrated social networks.


Softeq's team employed the Waterfall-based software development process due to well-defined requirements and scope availability.


The team completed the development on budget, right within the tight timeline, thus ensuring non-interrupted workflow for the customer’s production units. Happy with the delivery, the client is in an active discussion with Softeq regarding new projects focused on low-level and mobile implementation.

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