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Desktop Video/Audio Content Capturing and Processing Software for Multichannel Video Recorders

Facilitates data capture and recording process for video and audio broadcasting companies

Solution Desktop video/audio content processing and distribution app
Industry Software and Technology
Engagement Model Dedicated Team


  • Software Engineers
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager



The client was after an experienced service provider to contribute to high-profile projects related to the company’s core business operating as a Dedicated Team. The client required a set of respective apps for interfacing with the family of proprietary multichannel video recorders for copying of audio/video content.

Softeq was employed to create an app for each of its multichannel video recorders to enable optimized copying of audio/video content and simplified distribution. Consisting of a custom-built PC and an app, the solution had to facilitate the data capture and recording process targeting the professionals from video/audio broadcasting companies.


The Softeq Dedicated Team employed QML, a JSON-like declarative language for designing user interface-centric applications, to develop a set of client-server desktop software with rich and intuitive UI and running on the Linux OS. The software corresponds to the functional capabilities of the respective products, which are equipped with one to four camcorder inputs.

The server side provides for the following features:

  • Capturing video from up to 4 camcorders, compressing it into H.264 format and recording the data to the local drive (Local Storage), as well as to several USB pen drives simultaneously. Optionally, burning a watermark and/or putting a timestamp on it. The audio streams can be captured either from the video or an external microphone.
  • Ability to clone the recorded videos to up to 9 USB pen drives simultaneously.
  • Ability to upload the recorded videos to preconfigured FTPs.
  • Creating a system of recording presets to speed up the process.


The team had to tap its low-level programming experience to implement the multiple USB drive recording functionality working on the kernel tier.


The final solution has been shipped to the customer right within the tight timeline and on budget. The client continues collaboration with Softeq utilizing the company’s mobile app development skills.