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Softeq registered with the Apple Developer Program shortly after the public release of the iPhone back in 2007. Since then we’ve been involved in projects employing every operating system's version and API level, including iOS versions for iPod Touch and iPad, both with and without Retina Display.

Our iOS team has a wealth of experience in developing mobile applications employed across a range of domains — small and medium business operations management, entertainment, enterprise mobility, as well as low-level utilities and wearable tech.

We have a proven set of iOS-focused development tools, frameworks, and practices on hand, which ensure cohesion and manageability of the implementation process — from requirements gathering to release and taking the app through the Apple review and publication routine all the way to maintenance and support of the released titles. Besides, the team provides mobile apps porting from/to Android OS.

From Smartphones and Tablets to Wearable Devices and IoT Applications

Powering high-end devices, iOS is blazing a speedy path in taking the mobile market and already demonstrates higher monetization capabilities for developers providing more targeted user engagement options than its rivaling platforms. With the debut of the Apple's wearables and a number of digital iPhone-friendly contenders emerging in the market, iOS has been striding ahead expanding its technology footprint in the wearable tech and the IoT domain. As an official licensee of Apple’s MFi Program, Softeq has been helping its customers scope out business opportunities with iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and their wearable form factors.

Apple Watch: Making the Most of the Digital Novelty

We've been toying with the WatchKit framework for a while to get the hang of its functional properties and development limitations. No matter how much more there’s left to polish and enhance before we can use this digital newbie to its full capacity, extending an iPhone app to the Apple Watch utilizing such peculiar features of the wearable as glances and notifications is already the reality of today. Such limitations of the solution as absence of the complex gesture detection, unavailability of custom gesture recognizers, different screen resolutions for each watch size to code for along with specific hardware constraints only kindle our growing interest in this promising invention further. We take it as another chance for us to put our Objective-C and Swift skills into work and turn the technical challenges into opportunities.

Developing towards Contextual Experiences

By integrating the beacon technology in iOS, Apple has notably extended its devices’ location services. Combined with Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon provides the ability to instantly leverage “proximity context” for enhanced customer experience. Unlike GPS-based geolocation, using iBeacon allows saving the device power, while enabling more specific user targeting with locally-relevant content. If you’re about to test the waters of this innovative technology, Softeq’s ready to step up to the challenge. We can help analyze your target audience context suggesting ways for non-intrusive but engaging interaction with the users, while balancing their wants with the need for privacy.

Featured Projects

iPad Demo App for Pro Basketball Association: Data and Budget Management, ‘What If’ Scenario Simulation


A Mobile Scanning App for Precious Metal Authentication


An iOS Photo- and Video-sharing and Social Networking App


Ensuring Consistent User Experience with a Critical Information App for a Major Airport in Germany

Softeq helped a major German airport upgrade its multiplatform app runnable on iOS and Android so that it supports the iOS 9 and Android 6 versions. The solution is geared towards passengers traveling through the international hub and designed to provide critical information on the flights schedule, airport infrastructure, local transportation, car parking possibilities, and more.

Efficient Day-to-day Task Management with Swift-powered All-in-one Planning Solution for iDevices


A Client-server Demo App for Engaging Users in Live Interactive Improvisational TV Shows


A Proof-of-concept Mobile Sports App: Analyzing Surfer Performance Based on Real Time Sensor Data Processing and Visualization


iOS App for Valet Parking Services: Convenient Mobile Booking and Payment on the Go


An iOS Client-Server Survey App: Higher Employee Productivity through Informed Decision-making While on the Go


Fusing Fashion with Technology: A BLE enabled Luxury Wearable Accessory with Unique Smart Capabilities


Roadmap for Multiplatform Emergency Solution Implementation: Client-Server App Prototype with Snap UI


Bringing Over 90 Live TV Channels to User Mobile Devices with Multiplatform IPTV App


Gorilla Safety Mobile and Web App: Enabling Efficient Fleet Management and Safety through Tighter Compliance with Freight Transportation Standards


Browser-based ‘Rail Nation’ Goes Mobile: Building a Multiplatform Mobile Client-Server App for a Globally Popular Online Strategy Game


OrigaMe Messenger: Socially-enabled Live Chat Solution with Unique Communication Features


Personal Recommendations App: a Xamarin-powered Online Mobile Photo-sharing and Networking Service for a HoReCa Company


An Interactive Socially Enabled Mobile and Web Solution to Support Worldwide Fans of a Novel Sports Game


Multilanguage Color Keyboard: Swift-powered Smart Utility for iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

Softeq helped an iOS-focused app development company spice their product line implementing Key Color application for mobile devices on iOS 8, bringing fun into users’ typing experience. The solution was created within Xcode, employing Apple’s new programming language — Swift.

Gantom’s DMX Programmer: Enabling More Rewarding User Experience in Operating a Professional Lighting Device


Information Security Tool for Digital Strategy and E-marketing Agency: an iPad Client-Server Email and E-signature Capture App


Gantom’s DMX Updater: Enabling Pros to Keep Their DMX Compatible Lighting Equipment Up-to-date


Smart Marketing Tool for Branson Ultrasonics: a Multiplatform Client-Server Mobile App for an Industrial Automation Corporation of World Fame


Buzztime’s Mobile Playmaker: A Mobile Alternative to a Traditional Game Console with Updated UX


An iOS Client-Server Dating Application: Optimized User Engagement and Retention Building on Powerful Analytics and Gamification


HTML Slide Manager: An Efficient Presentation Tool for Pumping Up Pharmaceutical Companies’ Marketing Efforts


World of Tanks ‘Let’s Battle’ Digital Magazine: An Interactive Digital Medium for Connecting with the Game Fans


Bluetooth Badge Bridging IR-sensors and iDevices

Softeq helped an entertainment industry giant test the feasibility of a new wearable tech solution for one of its well-loved attractions. The innovative form-factor — a Bluetooth-powered badge — is pinned to the visitor’s clothes. It receives the raw data from infrared sensors installed across the venue and transmits to an iOS app for further analysis. Softeq’s embedded software development team delivered the prototype in next to no time despite the solution’s technical complexity mostly caused by Apple’s limitations on data transfer between connected devices.

Mobile App Prototype: Delivering Compelling Brand Experience through Cutting-edge Technologies for a World’s Leading Sports Brand


Mass Storage Device Implementation: A Flash Drive Connecting to Apple iDevices and Computers


Mobile Sports App Prototype for a Global Sports Giant: From Manual Training Assessment to Digital Results Capturing, Analysis, and Visualization


Improvement and Further Enhancement of an Asymmetric Encryption Based Multiplatform Messaging App


Multi-functional iOS Culinary Platform: A Faster Roll-out of Highly Interactive and Immersive Cooking Applications


A proof-of-concept iOS App for Omron: Showcasing OKAO Vision Face Sensing Technology Capabilities with Real-time Image Processing


‘Local Black Card’ Deals Tracking App: A Geo-targeting and Geo-tagging Enabled Mobile Client-Server Solution


An Efficient Leads Tracking Tool for Maximizing Return of an Attended Event


Achieving Convenience, Speed, and Cost-efficiency with a Mobile VoIP Solution for Business Communication


NVIDIA GTC and BlizzCon 2011: Multi-platform Event Schedule and Session Manager


Flight Operations Tracker: An iOS Application for Logging Flight Information on Small Commuter and Cargo Airlines


NVIDIA's NVContacts: A Multi-platform Mobile Contact Management Application Enabling Unified Secure Access to Organizational Data


Atlas Copco Mag: Multiplatform eMagazine App/News App for Fortune 500 Industrial Giant


Development Languages

Development Languages

  • Objective-C
  • C#
  • Swift
  • C/C++
Frameworks and Components

Frameworks and Components


We utilize the listed below development frameworks and platforms that prove to be extremely useful in accelerating software development resulting in interactive and engaging apps:

  • iOS SDK
  • Cocoa/Cocoa Touch
  • WatchKit
  • CloudKit
  • StoreKit
  • OpenGL
  • OpenCV
  • OpenAL
  • Xamarin
  • Cocos2d/Cocos2d-x
  • Unity 3D
  • PhoneGap
  • XCTest
Presentation Layer

Presentation Layer


We know how to create highly usable, intuitive, and compelling apps consistent in visual and functional presentation across a full range of iOS devices:

  • UIKit
  • OpenGL ES
  • Quartz Core
  • Core Graphics
  • HTML + CSS
ORMs and Databases

ORMs and Databases


We utilize the iOS-compatible databases and ORM instruments along with proven methods for database design

  • CoreData
  • SQLite
  • SQLCipher for iOS
  • RestKit
Development Environment

Development Environment


To maximize our development productivity, we use iOS and cross-platform IDEs, as well as code repositories, project management and collaboration tools:

  • Xcode
  • Unity IDE
  • Mono Develop
  • SVN, Git, Mercurial
  • Atlassian JIRA and Confluence
Other Tools and Solutions

Other Tools and Solutions


The below set of tools and solutions expedite the development process providing better control of each development stage:

  • iTunes
  • iOS Simulator
  • AppCode
  • CocoaPods
  • TexturePacker
  • ImageOptim

Happy Global Customers


The development speed is really good and the quality is also good, so we are really satisfied with their work. If we had to do it ourselves, it should have cost more and [taken] a longer period. But Softeq team did it very efficiently. I really appreciate Softeq’s work and I definitely recommend Softeq to our colleagues or customers.

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Kozo Moriyama
Lead Engineer, OMRON's R&D department

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