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JavaScript Development Services

As a JavaScript development company, Softeq is an expert in single-page application development. We also create real-time, progressive web apps (PWA) and build large-scale server-side web apps. Turn to our team for SPA software development to get a fast-loading app that is easy to update.

5+ YEARS Providing JavaScript application development services
FULL-STACK WEB EXPERTISE Back-end and front-end development with JavaScript
40+ Projects successfully completed with JavaScript
25K+ Developer hours invested yearly
Team breakdown
  • Lead engineers
  • Senior engineers
  • Solution architects
  • JavaScript engineers

Key JavaScript Technology Competence

  • Programming Languages

    TypeScript, Flow

  • Frameworks

    SPA: Angular.js, Angular, React, Vue, Knockout, Ember, Backbone, Cycle

    Node.js: Express, Nest, Socket.io, Meteor, Koa, Hapi

    Mobile: React Native, Cordova, PhoneGap, Sencha, Ionic

    Desktop: Electron, NW, Proton Native, Appjs

    Testing: Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, Enzyme, Chai, Sinon

  • Libraries

    Machine Learning: TensorFlow

    3D: Three.js

    Vector: Paper, Fabric

    Charts: Chart.js, Google Charts, D3, Highcharts, Flot, DHTMLX Gantt Chart

  • UI Kits

    Material, Bootstrap, Kendo, Onsen, Prime, Foundation, Semantic UI, Bulma, Skeleton

  • Cloud Computing Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure

  • Development Platforms


  • Third-Party APIs

    Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram

How We Work

Dedicated Development Team

We can put together a dedicated JavaScript development team of key experts, which can be expanded and contracted as your needs change over time.


Flexible Engagement Possibilities

Softeq provides flexible cooperation options to meet your business needs   Dedicated Development Teams, Time and Materials, or Fixed Price. Depending on your project requirements, we’ll suggest the one that suits you best.


Customer Care on Demand

We offer 24/7 support services for live products. We can also help you improve the functionality of your existing products, even if they were created by another development service provider.

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Margarita Account Manager

Why Single Page Apps?

A growing number of businesses, including companies in the Retail and eCommerce, Entertainment, Media, eLearning, and Travel industries, depend on their online presence.

As a JavaScript software development company, Softeq provides single-page web application development services to support your online marketing, CRM and loyalty programs with up-to-date technology solutions that provide tangible business value by encouraging users to follow the smart marketing journey you design for them.

Delivering a Top-Line Dynamic Web App

Our industry has witnessed a major technological shift with the rise of HTML5/JavaScript-based frameworks that are extensively used for SPA development. These frameworks enable native, app-like interaction between apps and real-time web functionality, which simply wasn't possible before. SPAs provide better performance and can handle load distribution more efficiently through dynamic data loading from server-side APIs and connecting with RESTful web services.