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  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ruby on Rails


Planiversity is a startup company offering travel planning software that provides users with route and destination details.


Having faced a bad code issue within the solution previously handled by an Indian firm, the client required a team of software engineers with a strong expertise in Ruby development and bug patching, along with a well-established process of project handover from another development company and project rescue experience. As far as the client’s business is a startup aimed to acquire more and more new customers and cement their loyalty, they were looking for a reliable long-term tech partner capable to deliver an impeccable quality of the service.

Softeq was to deliver a smoothly functioning front-end for the customer software solution allowing the user to organize his or her travel planning information and documents into a single printable file that can be later taken to consult with during the trip. Our team was responsible for bringing the corresponding patches into the solution code making up static web pages, implementing a new language board, adding new functional features, carrying out upgrades, and more.


The solution is designed for travelers to help them organize information for preplanned trips. The service assembles a travel packet that includes a chosen route, a weather forecast at the specified destination, metro maps, highway information radio posts, and hospital locations. The solution allows to upload itineraries, add and apply filters like embassy locations to the plan, spot fuel stops and even determine the fuel consumption for drivers if one travels by car. It also enables the user to upload copies of passport and driver’s license for crossing the border. All the information provided by the service will be organized into a printable PDF travel booklet, easy to email or upload.


While logging in, users insure their information security through the password access procedure. Alternatively, users can login via their Facebook or Twitter accounts.


The team resorted to employment of the Agile software development methodology working in sprints.


Softeq’s team met the deadline and the budget restrictions for the project implementation. Having established a long-term cooperation with the client the team is now providing the solution with ongoing tech support.

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