Payment Integration Services

Our iOS, Android, and hybrid app developers have a wealth of experience in mobile payment processing technologies. Whether you want to integrate popular payment gateways into an eCommerce app, implement one-click transactions and recurring billing, or add alternative payment methods, our team will match the project with the optimal technology stack.

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Mobile Payment Software Solutions

Payment Processing Solutions

At Softeq, we help e-retailers build mobile apps with payment processing capabilities, which are compliant with international and local security standards, and compatible with all world currencies. Our services include:

  • Integration with multiple 3rd-party eCommerce payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, WePay, CardConnect, etc.
  • Multi-currency and multi-lingual support with customized Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Pay in Your Currency (PYC) solutions
  • Contactless mobile payments (CMP), ensured by NFC, MST, and BLE technologies
  • Support of third-party POS software, including Clover, Equinox, Ingenico, and CardFlight
  • Putting in place authentication and encryption tools, including e-signatures, DSC, email encryption
  • Establishing 3-D Secure infrastructure, featuring VEReq/VERes and PAReq/PARes Request/Response and integration with the MPI providers

In-app Purchasing (IAP)

We will help you upgrade free apps to paid versions, by offering value-added services, feature unlocks, premium content and other one-time and rewarded products to users. Our expertise covers:

  • Building consumable and non-consumable digital transactions from initiating a purchase to completing a payment
  • Configuring auto-renewable and non-renewing in-app subscription plans
  • Developing and inserting digital coins and other digital currencies, including blockchain technologies
  • Ensuring receipt validation for on-device payments within an app

Mobile Wallets

We build customer-centric mobile wallets, which streamline one-click payment in P2P, C2B, and B2B transactions, and help stand out from the competition via extended offerings: insurance, savings, digital loans, bill payments, and other services.

  • Multi-card management and 24/7 access to bank accounts and financial services, top-up, and withdrawal
  • Instant receipt generation
  • Loyalty and reward program integration and tracking
  • Business-focused mobile wallets with an integrated online invoicing solution and ACH cross-currency payment processing
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development based on private/public key encryption, online and offline storage options, and cryptocurrency management, including BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, and many others

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

With a decade of expertise in blockchain technology, we deliver end-to-end solutions for the secure storage, safe retrieval, and transfer of multiple crypto tokens. Entrust us with your innovative project in crypto asset management, and we will provide you with a safe and secure bitcoin wallet.

Selecting a Payment Gateway Solution

While our BAs and PMs will assist you in choosing an optimal payment solution for your project, Softeq’s engineers will seamlessly integrate the chosen payment gateway and ensure fast processing, top-notch user experience, and full compliance with consumer protection standards such as PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, EMV, and Check-21.