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Ticket Scanning App for a Custom Android Device

Scans 40 types of access codes, verifies tickets in offline and online mode

Solution Client-server app for ticket verification
Industry Software and Technology
Engagement Model T&M (time and materials)


  • Android Developers
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager



The customer turned to Softeq to create a client-server app that helps event organizers reduce the time to admit attendees to an event while collecting information on the participants for statistical analysis.


Our team created a client-server app that can be installed on a custom handheld Android device. Event organizers can use the gadget to scan visitor tickets, which might contain over 40 types of access codes (QR, Data Matrix, ITF among others). The application then transmits the data to the dedicated back-end server using SSL encryption.

The app also supports offline ticket verification: if the device has lost connection to the server, the application checks ticket data locally. This function is enabled by calling a precompiled library containing an algorithm for code verification.

The key features of the ticket scanning app include:

  • Online/offline ticket verification
  • Ticket and user information storage in the offline mode
  • Option to cancel a ticket
  • Displaying ticket history
  • Multilingual UI (German, English)
  • Background batch data transmitted to the server
  • Possibility to configure time after which the device switches to offline mode
  • Manual activation of the online/offline mode
  • Log file generation


Happy with the project results, the client has already tested the application at an international event in Cologne, Germany.