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  • Java
  • Android
  • SQLite


A provider of nationwide digital signage networks, intelligent visitor information systems, and visitor management solutions for international trade fairs and events.


The client had already tapped Softeq’s custom mobile app development skills resulting in a roll-out of a leads tracking tool. Happy with the previous project experience, the company turned to Softeq again out-tasking the implementation of an app enabling admission to events.

Softeq was to create a client-server app that enables event organizers to reduce the time for admitting attendees to the event, while collecting information on the participants for statistical analysis.


Softeq’s team created an app installable on a custom handheld Android device to scan the visitor ticket code (e.g. QR, Data Matrix, ITF, etc. — over 40 code types overall) and transmit the respective information to the dedicated backend server. The app also supports an offline ticket verification mode by allowing to check the ticket data locally if the device has lost connection to the server. This function is enabled by calling a precompiled library containing an algorithm for code verification.

Thanks to the implemented heartbeat functionality, in addition to testing the connection quality, the device updates the server with its status information.

Key Features:

  • Online/offline ticket verification
  • Ticket and user information storage in the offline mode
  • Possibility to cancel a ticket
  • Displaying ticket history
  • Multilingual text UI (German, English)
  • Background batch data transmitted to the server
  • Possibility to configure time after which the device moves to offline mode
  • Manual activation of online/offline mode
  • Log file generation


The team managed to successfully handle the challenge of making the app automatically switch to the offline mode in the background, while continuing scanning the tickets, by addressing the issues posed by the server side, as well as the offline library operation in the Android environment, scanner functionality, etc.


The app communicates with the server using SSL encryption.


Softeq’s team employed the Agile project implementation methodology working in sprints.


The client is happy with the delivered solution. The app has already been successfully test-driven in the real world environment at an international event in Cologne, Germany.

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Ticket Verification, Statistical Data Processing Mobile App | Softeq


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