Concluding a Record Year of Growing its Venture Fund, Funding 49 Startups, Softeq CEO Chris Howard Invites Technology Community to New Podcast

Forging the Future with Chris Howard Showcases High-Impact Successes and Critical Conversations in Innovation

Christopher A. Howard, the CEO and Founder of Softeq Development Corporation (Softeq), a Houston-based global hardware and software services development company serving Fortune 500 companies, yesterday debuted his first podcast, “Forging the Future with Chris Howard.” Following the ongoing success of the Softeq Venture Studio, the company’s startup accelerator program, Chris identified the need for an open dialogue between startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and venture capitalists. With the launch of his podcast, he hopes to reduce the information and communication gaps and bring technology, startup, and venture funding trends to the forefront of the conversation.

“I am a constant learner, and as I reflect on this past record year, I see so much promise in the nearly 50 startups we have invited into our Venture Studio. I have learned as much from supporting these groundbreaking technologies impacting fintech, medtech, sportstech, and Web 3.0 as they have from us at Softeq. That’s why it’s so important to give back to the technology community and share these lessons we learn along the way,” said Chris Howard, CEO of Softeq.

“Forging the Future with Chris Howard” answers the question, "How do we get ready for the future innovations in technology?" Chris will interview knowledgeable leaders in the innovation spectrum, including chief executive officers, chief technology officers, research and development professionals, and startup founders having honest conversations around real technology and real-world processes of bringing new ideas to market. Episodes will be released every Thursday and are available on all major podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

The first guest, Carrie Colbert, is the founder of Houston-based Curate Capital, a venture capital firm focused exclusively on investing in companies launched by women, for women. “It was a pleasure joining Chris as the inaugural guest on his new podcast. I first got into the venture capital space to bring more women to the forefront of the startup and investor ecosystem, and that starts first and foremost with education. We hope that female entrepreneurs and founders find our conversation helpful when it comes to putting themselves in front of the right audience and furthering their success with venture funding and investment opportunities.”

Visit, YouTube or your favorite podcast platform to subscribe and listen to the first episode of “Forging the Future with Chris Howard”.

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