Softeq Venture Studio Welcomes New Cohort of 14 Startups, Bringing Total Venture Fund Portfolio of Startups to 63

Accelerator program from Softeq supports global emerging companies in web 3.0, healthtech, fintech, and more.

HOUSTON--()--Softeq Development Corporation (Softeq), a Houston-based global hardware and software services development company serving Fortune 500 companies, today announced the continued success of its Softeq Venture Studio by welcoming 14 new startups to the three-month accelerator program this month. With the addition of this cohort class, the total number of startups supported by the Venture Fund and Studio has increased to 63. Entrepreneurs from Israel and several states in the United States are helping to bring innovation and ambitious ideas to a variety of industries, including education technology, medical technology, and sports technology, among others.

“We are so proud of the success we have had with the Softeq Venture Studio, helping to support and secure funding for 63 startups to date through the Softeq Venture Fund. With 23 of 89 founders coming from outside of the U.S., we demonstrate Houston’s growing influence as a startup hub where entrepreneurs can find a welcoming innovation community, a strong talent base, and world-class research facilities,” said Christopher A. Howard, founder and CEO of Softeq.

Since the start of the Softeq Venture Studio 16 months ago, Softeq has raised 80 percent of its inaugural $40 million Softeq Venture Fund, invested in 63 startups, and executed dozens of demo days for investors and leaders in the Houston tech community and beyond. Of the 63 startups, 47 percent have at least one founder of color and 25 percent have at least one female founder, further emphasizing the Fund and Studio’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech space. Additionally, the company has reformatted the accelerator program to include two cohort classes per year, allowing the Venture Studio team to support more startups for a longer period of time.

Softeq Venture Studio H1 2023 Cohort

The upcoming cohort of the Softeq Venture Fund includes the following companies:

  • AIM7 (; Houston, TX
    AIM7 is the data intelligence platform that unlocks wearable and mHealth data to provide customized and predictive wellness solutions.
  • Avendly (; Providence, RI
    Avendly makes robotic automation for restaurants to help, not supplant humans. Its first of many products is Mixibot, an integrated back-bar cocktail vending system.
  • ClioVis (; Austin, TX
    ClioVis is meeting today’s content-creator students where they are and how they learn. The company provides unique experiential learning tools designed for today’s content-creator students who learn by doing, not lectures.
  • Flometrica (; Tel Aviv, Israel
    Flometrica is a digital health solution featuring "use anywhere" devices to remotely monitor and diagnose various urinary tract problems through analysis of different urine parameters.
  • Gophr (; Lake Charles, LA
    Gophr is a technology-driven logistics company that provides tailored and efficient delivery solutions for various industries, individuals, and businesses of all sizes.
  • KarChing (; Chicago, IL
    KarChing puts cash in teens’ hands for safe driving. The only app built for parents, teens, and insurance companies that rewards drivers for phone- and distraction-free behavior behind the wheel.
  • Meander (; Houston, TX
    Meander collects travel customer satisfaction micro-surveys as people go about their trips. The research platform rewards travelers for sharing their pics, videos, and insights.
  • MEedia (; Sacramento, CA
    MEedia puts a professional press conference event in your pocket. Individuals can create broadcast-worthy interactive shareable content with just their phone.
  • MeterLeader (; Huntington Beach, CA
    MeterLeader gamifies saving energy in homes by using real-time utility data and behavioral science. We're like a Fitbit challenge for your home, but instead of steps we measure kWh, therm, and CO2 reductions.
  • PayOnDelivery (; Houston, TX
    PayOnDelivery integrates secure payment with delivery for markets like Craigslist and Facebook. It’s low-hassle, fraud-free buying and selling for peer-to-peer marketplaces.
  • Picasso Analytics (; Lake Charles, LA
    The Picasso Analytics platform can reduce delays and save oil refiners and petrochem owners 10-15 percent on multi-million dollar turnaround events by providing a single source of truth integrating the schedule, time entry, and shop status.
  • Toivoa (; Sarasota, FL
    Toivoa develops software-based therapies for people with disabilities who experience mental health disorders. On track for FDA approval, the platform is prescription-based, clinically validated, and delivered on your phone.
  • UpBrainery Technologies (; Houston, TX
    UpBrainery helps students explore careers through digital experiences. AI guides their interests in career paths and credentials their achievements for employers and colleges.
  • WellWorth (; Houston, TX
    WellWorth is a financial modeling SaaS platform that helps upstream oil & gas finance leaders improve their decision-making around raising, managing, and deploying capital.

To learn more about the Softeq Venture Studio and submit an application for the next cohort in H2 2023, visit

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