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Softeq Is Contributing to a New Standard for GHG Calculation
Softeq is helping to develop a standard for calculating greenhouse emissions. Together with Shell, Boeing, Huawei, Microsoft, and IBM, we’re working on a new methodology. This will enable companies to calculate their GHG emissions in a unified way.
Booming Telehealth: Are There New Opportunities for Your Business?
Are you considering developing a telehealth solution? Check out our compilation of resources about the current state of healthcare, current needs and new demands in health IoT, and industry stats.
Innovation Lab Empowers Executives to Become Successful Intrapreneurs
In this episode, Chris Howard meets Chuck Goldman from Boundless Technology. They talk about the Innovation Lab—a joint venture between Softeq, MIT, and Boundless, what makes the initiative different from startup accelerators, and how Softeq will help executives become intrapreneurs.
Why Edge Computing is Critical for IoT
In this episode, Softeq CEO and founder Chris Howard zooms in on edge computing—a relatively new distributed computing technology. He discusses its benefits сompared to traditional data storage and analytics solutions and the projects for which edge computing is the right choice.
How IoT-based HVAC Systems Save Energy
In this episode, Chris Howard, Softeq founder and CEO, talks about smart HVAC systems manufactured by companies like Daikin and Mistbox. Learn how IoT-based HVAC solutions can help people save on AC bills and improve comfort.
Why IoT Projects Fail and How to Prevent it
Three out of four IoT deployments never make it to the market. What can companies do to avoid these problems? Here are five actionable tips from Softeq CEO and founder Chris Howard.
Softeq Founder's Story: How I Became an Entrepreneur
Chris Howard, Softeq founder and CEO, shares an inspiring story about how he developed a passion for programming and quit a prestigious job at IBM to become a full-time technopreneur.