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PoC Mobile App for Live Video Streaming

The iOS app lets show attendees stream live video captured from multiple cameras and take high-resolution pictures of events

Solution iOS app for multi-channel live show video streaming
Industry Media and Entertainment
Engagement model Fixed Price


  • Software Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Project Manager


Case Highlights

The Softeq team built a PoC iOS app that enables entertainment show attendees to stream live video and take high-resolution pictures of the event. The app syncs with stage cameras and the local server environment to enable video streaming from multiple angles.

  • Multichannel video streaming (up to 3 channels)
  • Possibility to integrate selfies into video screenshots
  • Storing videos and screenshots locally in the app

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Anna Account Manager


Before investing resources into a full-blown app, the customer wanted to validate the solution idea with a PoC. The client would showcase the prototype to prospective buyers to assess the appโ€™s commercial potential.


Multichannel video streaming app

The team developed an iOS application prototype with real-time multichannel video streaming capabilities. The app enables entertainment show attendees to connect to stage cameras, stream live video, and capture high-resolution pictures of the event.

The appโ€™s key capabilities (including potential):

  • Create personal profile to share pics and videos of entertainment shows
  • Sync with stage cameras and the local server environment
  • Stream up to 3 live videos from stage cameras at the same time, thus enabling users to adjust the view searching for the best angle
  • Take high-definition screenshots of selected videos
  • Integrate user selfies into the screenshots captured during live video streaming
  • Store all captured videos and photos locally in the app and view them afterwards


Project outcomes

The resulting prototype of the iOS app was able to demonstrate all the required features including multichannel streaming and HD photo capturing with the possibility of integrating selfies.