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Multichannel PoC for Live Video Streaming

Enables entertainment show attendees to stream live video and take high-resolution pictures of the concert

  • iOS
Solution iOS app for multi-channel live show video streaming
Industry Media and Entertainment
Engagement model Fixed Price


  • Software Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Project Manager



The client was after a seasoned mobile software engineering service provider with experience in multi-channel video streaming solution development.

Softeq landed the project thanks to having mobile app development among its core competencies. The team showcased several similar projects including a UDP-enabled plug-in for an open broadcast encoder and home intercom system with video streaming capability.

The customer wanted to validate the solution idea with a PoC app. The client would showcase the PoC system to prospective buyers to assess the app’s commercial potential.


The team developed an iOS application prototype with real-time multi-channel video streaming capabilities. The app enables entertainment show attendees to stream live video and take high-resolution pictures of the concert.

The app’s key capabilities (including potential):

  • Create personal profile to share pics and videos of entertainment shows
  • Sync with stage cameras and local server environment
  • Multi-channel streaming: broadcasting up to 3 live videos from stage cameras at a time, thus enabling users to adjust the view for a better angle
  • Take high-definition screenshots with mobile device’s capture button
  • Overlay a select user selfie onto the screenshots


Softeq team delivered all the functional capabilities envisioned for the PoC app. The customer got a minimum viable product sufficient for demonstrating to select B2B customers.